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Where is Joanne Kates?

Perhaps I am completely out of the loop, but where has Joanne Kates been for the past few months? I used to check out her resto reviews in the Globe on a weekly basis (http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servle...), but nothing has been added since June.

Did The Globe move her articles to a different section of the site, or is she simply not with them anymore?

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  1. Joanne Kates' family owns Camp Arowhon in Algonquin Park - she is usually away from the Globe all summer working there

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    2. Sabbatical, travelling I think

      1. Kates seems to spend most summers in Algonquin, and the Globe usually substitutes reviews by other writers who are good critics, such as Jay Scott or John Allemang. I haven't seen any regular reviewer step in this year.

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          Didn't Jay Scott die 15 years ago?

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            Yes, but I remember his witty, articulate, and knowledgeable reviews, more often than J.K.'s 'whence, methinks, this is Bird's custard gloop'.

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              God, I miss Jay Scott! I loved his review of Winston's. It was belly laugh-inducing anthropology.

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            > I haven't seen any regular reviewer step in this year.

            I only get the Globe on Saturdays, but Chris Nuttall-Smith has been doing the resto reviews there while Kates has been at the camp. (Maybe it's different other days of the week.)

          3. You'll find her here:


            Photos of her, too!

            1. Ever wondered what's under the anonymous headless hat? Presenting Ms Kates at her real job: