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Aug 14, 2008 07:40 AM

A Trip South: Destination Rockaway OR

I will be traveling south to Rockaway Beach to stay two nights with my family (Me, wife and kids). We will be in Centralia on Saturday. I need a recomendation for 1 lunch and 1 dinner. On Sunday we will be in Astoria around lunch time any ideas there? Also looking for recomendations for 2 dinners and 1 lunch around the Rockaway area (Sunday night -Monday night).

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  1. Best dinner in the area, by far, is Nehalem River Inn:

    For lunch, I love Pacific Oyster in Bay City, just south of Garibaldi.

    1. Centralia: La Tarasca for lunch or dinner. Authentic Michoacan-style Mexican fare and the best homemade corn tortillas you'll ever eat.

      Rockaway: Karla's Smokehouse for fish-n-chips and other smoked fish to go.

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        Michoacan is great but often limited for vegetarian (we have 2 sorry I forgot to mention that). Anything else for Centralia.
        Thanks for the ideas so far!

      2. I did some digging on the web and found the name and website for a Mediterranean place in Centralia called Boccata. Has anyone ever been there and can give a report.

        1. You must stop in Cannon Beach at some point for a meal or snack. Visit "" for a great list of restaurants!

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            I certainly wouldn't say Cannon Beach is a "must." If you want someplace crowded, where it's hard to park, replete with ice cream parlors and candy shops, then CB is for you. If you want something a little lower key and quiet, try Manzanita, Wheeler, or Nehalem.