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Aug 14, 2008 07:08 AM

Favorite VA vineyards and weekend getaways

Hello all!

I'm looking to do a long weekend of some wine tasting and good eating. I'd love to hear your thoughts on your favorite vineyards, wineries, etc. in the VA region. I'm especially interested in the Chesapeake area, but I'm open to all suggestions. Recs on great places to eat and stay near the vineyards are welcome too!

I'm looking forward to your feedback. Thanks!

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  1. Greetings. I don't know that the wine is the best, but the Williamsburg WInery has opened an upscale inn (we're going tomorrow night to taste their new menu so I can re-post on that) and it's really supposed to be nice. There are quite a few nice places to eat in our area -- Le Yaca (French), Fat Canary (Continental), Blue Talon (American French), Thai Pot ... Most people will send you to the Charlottesville area, I imagine, but since you mentioned Chesapeake, I had to offer up Williamsburg as an option. I know there's a winery on the Northern Neck but I know nothing about it. Good luck and have fun!

    1. If you're near Flint Hill be sure to have lunch at 21 Crows (they only serve lunch). Fantastic, locally sourced, food. As for vineyards, I'm a particular fan of Barboursville. It is beautiful, and they actually make very good wines.

      1. My favorite in-state weekend getaway (aside from Hokie games <g>) is going to Culpeper. They have too good restaurants, It's About Thyme and Foti's, and It's About Thyme also has three beautiful rooms and a market with gourmet and prepared foods. I know there are several vineyards within a short drive, but have never been to them.

        1. Ingleside Vineyards! There wine is amazing. It's in the Northern Neck. They have have rental cottages but there's lots of places to stay in the area. I also know there's a ferry that will take you to several wineries along the Chesapeake tributary.

          1. I posted last night about my trip to Mathews County and a wonderful meal at Sandpiper Reef Restaurant (amazing crabcakes!). We stayed at a nice B&B in town since there are no hotels in the area.
            We visited Ingleside a few years ago but did not stay there. It's on the Northern Neck so as mentioned by other posters you are close to both Williamsburg and that winery and also the Northern Neck if you wanted. We got our information from

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              Any favorite inns or B&Bs in the Ingleside/ Northern Neck area? All of these recs sound great so far! Thanks!

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                We stayed at Buckely Hall in Mathews County. Check out for places nearer to Ingleside. Prices are starting to drop in the Williamsburg area which is an easy day drive to anywhere on the Middle Penninsula or Northern Neck.