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Aug 14, 2008 07:04 AM

Plaza iii/Le Fou Frog/1924 Main [Kansas City, Mo]

Is smoking allowed in these restaurants? Bar only or main dining area? If in bar only, does the smoke contaminate the dining area? I cancelled dining at Re: Verse when I saw that they allowed smoking. We are from out of town so I 'm sorry for not knowing. Obviously, for health reasons, this is very important to us. Thanks for your help. Opinions on our restaurant choices also welcome. In town for a convention, Plaza iii is where we are taking our employees(2) for a big dinner out. Other two places will just be the wife and I.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Kansas City just implemented -- within the last couple of months -- a comprehensive no-smoking ban for all restaurants and bars. If the ReVerse website says that they allow smoking, it must be a holdover from before the ban went into effect. Of they're a smoke-easy, which seems unlikely given their high-profile on the Plaza.

      1. I'm pretty sure all of them are non-smoking now. I believe almost all of KC is.

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          Just to clarify my previous post -- Kansas City, MISSOURI, just implemented a ban. This would include all of the Plaza, Westport, Power and Light, downtown, and the River Market. Kansas City, Kansas, and some of the suburbs still allow smoking in restaurants and bars.

        2. Cool!! Thanks!!! BTW ReVerse website doesn't mention smoking. An old post I read mentioned smoking and their "powerful ventilation".

          Also, how is ReVerse? Menu looks good. Would eat there on a Sunday night, about 8:30pm. Looks like it could be really noisy which I don't want but on a Sunday night?

          Thanks again for all your help!

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            I have eaten at ReVerse once. It was probably four years ago. Food was ok; I thought it to be overpriced for what I got. Everyone in our group thought it to be "just fine".

            I did find it funny, however, that when we went they asked if we had reservations. It was 2 or 3 in the afternoon and the place was like a ghost town. Then the hostess and, I assume, the manager discussed for 10 minutes in front of us if they would be able to accommodate our party of four. For the next hour or so we were the only people in the place.

            A good friend of mine took a large group a couple of years ago and had quite a tale of woe. Bad service, bad food, bad management, huge conflict.

            I would go with one of your other choices.

          2. To the original question on smoking, all the places you mention are in KCMO and are now non smoking. However Re Verse has outdoor seating and allows smoking there. I really like the place. Later in the evening it becomes more a club atmosphere than a restaurant. Like many places on the Plaza they have great happy hour specials. And theirs lasts until 7pm! (may not apply on Fri/Sat) but most small plates are half price and you even a deal on wine. Plus it's a locally owned place, not a chain which is where I try to spend most of my dining dollars! All the same applies to the Frog (except it doesn't become a club, remains a restaurant!). Plaza III is where I'd take people for a KC steak, has a great clubby bar. Another place I like to send out of towners looking for a classic KC experience is the Savoy Grill downtown. Ok, not a foodie's hot spot, and the food results can be mixed, but it's a great place that should at least be visited once. Been there since 1903, tons of history. An alternative to doing a full meal is going for a drink and snack at the bar -- you still get the atmosphere experience without the commitment of a meal. Enjoy.