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Aug 14, 2008 06:59 AM

Weck Canning Supplies

Does anyone know where you can buy Weck canning supplies in the Toronto area? Or a Canadian online retailer?

They are the ones with glass lids:

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  1. Gosh. I just swooned for these jars. They are beautiful! Are they safe for canning? I've been told the jars with the glass lids (snap top) are not safe for canning. Are these any different?

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    1. re: Apple

      These are made for canning, most snap top jars with glass lids are purely decorative.
      Canning safety is no joke... but we've been scared silly by all the overprotective types out there.


    2. These are very much like the old canning jars, dating from the 1960's and earlier - you can see them on ebay and Kijiji. They're something like these jars -

      I have a large number of them that I picked up at yard sales. You may wish to consider doing that. Mine are in very good shape, are very sturdy, attractive and are in a wide range of sizes. You can still purchase the rubber rings in grocery stores. I prefer the rings. The disks are easier to work with but they can rust (and should be replaced after 1 use).

      1. I just found a source of these (just very small ones, however) - the Wildly Delicious Foods warehouse sale on Railside Road in Toronto. You can buy them filled with a sea salt mix for $3, or empty for $2. I was thrilled to see these and wanted to share!

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          I didn't see anything on their website re: warehouse sale - is this a limited time thing or do they always have a warehouse sale? is everything picked over?