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Aug 14, 2008 06:56 AM

Las Vegas Dining recs around Venetian

Was looking for some guidance as to which restaurant our group should go. We are heading to Vegas 8/19-8/23. On the 19th our group (8-10 of us) will be playing in a poker tournament @ the Venetian @ 8:00 pm. Was considering a 6pm resy at any one of the surrounding casinos for dinner. Obv choice is to stay @ Venetian. I will start by saying we went to B&B and Delmonico last year so do not want to repeat (not to mention that none of us really enjoyed). CUT as high on the list and was almost committed to it until I have started reading some fairly negative reviews recently. It certainly has the pedigree to be a great steak house (although that doesn't necessarily always happen. Take B&B for example). Restaurant Charlie (or Bar Charlie for that matter) is out of the question given time constraint. Will probably go there Monday night. Wynn, Mirage Venetian and the TI are all possibilities. Here is where I was considering:

SW Steakhouse
Daniel Boulud
Wing Lei

Table 10


Not limited to these and we are open to all suggestions. TYVM in advance for all your opinions!

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  1. We liked CUT a lot (ate there in June). We are eating at DB in two weeks and haven't been there in about three years so we're looking forward and I'll try to report back. Okada is good for a group if you want to share sushi and hot dishes. Also, how about Bouchon? It would definitely be convenient and doable within your time contraints. I haven't really heard of any great food at either TI or Mirage.

    1. We enjoyed Okada a lot, and we've referred a few parties there that enjoyed it, as well. Very nice setting and the food was great. For an early dinner before poker I'd recommend Enoteca San Marco in the shopping area between Venetian and Palazzo. It's another Mario Batali restaurant but very casual. Italian cheeses, cured meats, great veggies, wood oven pizzas, a few handmade pastas, etc. The also have a very reasonably priced Italian wine list. Great for a small group, lots of sharing, pretty setting and our waiter was excellent. I'll be there again on Saturday night. I haven't yet tried the others on your list. Good luck.


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        Barry - Can you post a review on Enoteca with what you ordered please? Are reservations necessary and how long should you plan (2 hrs)?

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          TY Barry for your input. I was leaning towards CUT or Okada. But again, open to all suggestions. I had resisted the urge to eat sushi in Las Vegas for a while. NOT from a sushi quality standpoint but rather comparing the experience, if you will. I live in the NYC metro area and am lucky enough to have what I consider (and by NO means am I an expert!) some of the finest sushi restaurants in the US. I typically try and visit restaurants in LV that offer something that I can't have at home. Lotus of Siam for obvious reasons. Picasso because we always dine on the patio (the interior of Picasso is visually stunning and one of my favorite places to dine but sitting on the patio really is LV in all of its surreal/fantasy splendor). Tableau/The Verandah for their breakfasts. As you can tell I like to ramble...back to sushi. Last year I went to Japonais in a last minute dash for a decent meal before, yet another, a poker tournament. I was really surprised by how good it was. Everything was stellar. I have not been to Okada but from what I have read, it seems to be a notch above Japonais in all facets.

          Any experience or feelings about CUT?

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            I'm from NYC, and can confirm that Okada is as good as the top sushi restaurants in NYC. Lovely setting too (something that our NYC sushi restaurants usually lack).

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              I'm with you about sushi in Vegas. I live in L.A. and have access to excellent sushi all over the place. That said, we did eat at Okada once. We mostly had cooked items but we tried a couple of the sushi offerings. The ambience is lovely and the cooked food was excellent. The sushi was fine but nothing particularly special compared to what I can have on a routine basis here, especially when you compare the pricing. However to be fair we didn't sample any of the more luxurious or adventurous items as sushi wasn't the main focus of our meal. Okada is actually toward the top of our to-return-soon list but for our upcoming trip we decided to return to DB instead.

              I would definitely recommend CUT although it is pricey and also you may have a problem with your timing. The other thing is that the food is very rich and I don't know if that would affect your decision-making in your tournament. We recently played in our first tournament (pai gow poker) and I wouldn't have wanted to play after eating dinner at CUT, that's for sure! Okada would be satisfying but lighter.

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                Well after the amount of red wine (if we go to CUT) or beer/sake (Okada) that will be consumed I don't think any of us really are expecting much. ;-)

                Thanks for the suggestions!

                1. re: LVI

                  I recently posted a review of CUT on here. If your pressed for time I would possibly skip CUT. It was a great meal, but it was a long meal.

                  I would second the Debbie's suggestion of Bouchon. Your going to get some great bistro food, reasonably priced for the strip, with pleasant and fast service. It's really one of my favourite places in town. Heck the last time I was in Vegas, I enjoyed Bouchon a lot more than Picasso...