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Aug 14, 2008 06:53 AM

Michelle's Brasserie in Yorkville Question

Friends have been here and love the place. They want to head here for dinner on the weekend. There's scant comments on this board about it and was wondering what to have or if i should steer them somewhere else. Comments?

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  1. Chef Derrick is no longer there and hasn't been for a while, as such the quality of food has unfortunately suffered.

    1. I was there about 6 months ago, a Saturday night for my aunt's 50th, I think they used to go there, I didn't eat so I have nothing to add about the food but our table of 8 were the only occupants in the whole place, was kinda sad...

      1. Lovely patio, good service and very, very average food. But hey, it's Yorkville: See-ment ponds! Movie stars!

        1. Well, thanks all but the die has been cast, so I'll report back. Curious about their "live seafood boil".

          1. The space is kinda cool, I can only imagine what they spent on building it...

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              It didn't cost Michelle's a penny. All that fancy Eiffel Tower decor was there when the room was Zola's.