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Michelle's Brasserie in Yorkville Question

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Friends have been here and love the place. They want to head here for dinner on the weekend. There's scant comments on this board about it and was wondering what to have or if i should steer them somewhere else. Comments?

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  1. Chef Derrick is no longer there and hasn't been for a while, as such the quality of food has unfortunately suffered.

    1. I was there about 6 months ago, a Saturday night for my aunt's 50th, I think they used to go there, I didn't eat so I have nothing to add about the food but our table of 8 were the only occupants in the whole place, was kinda sad...

      1. Lovely patio, good service and very, very average food. But hey, it's Yorkville: See-ment ponds! Movie stars!

        1. Well, thanks all but the die has been cast, so I'll report back. Curious about their "live seafood boil".

          1. The space is kinda cool, I can only imagine what they spent on building it...

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              It didn't cost Michelle's a penny. All that fancy Eiffel Tower decor was there when the room was Zola's.

            2. Well we went last night and as promised, I am reporting back, albeit not at length.

              Decor: gorgeous space. Feels like a Brasserie that could be in the eiffel tower: latticed, rivetted steel beams. Silk pillows on the benches/booths are a nice touch.

              The Crowd: both trendy and aging Yorkvillians came out to play. The place was packed, pssobly due to the patio being closed due to rain and a wedding party taking over a third of the restaurant.

              Service: a bit obsequious for my taste. Had the feeling the waiter didn't like us much but he kept saying things that were too obviously trying to win us over, as well as pretending that the food was the reason to come (see below). There was absolutely no humour or warmth in it though.

              Drinks: Martinis at $14 were WAY over priced, in my opinion, but this is Yorkville after all, and a spitting distance from the 4 Seasons. Beer Selection was a great blend of local and international offerings on tap, but at $8-$10/glass it again felt like gouging. Wine selection seemed OK, with about 8-10 red and 8-10 white available by the small carafe (about 2 moderately sized glasses) from $15-20 per. Actually was a reasonable list and further probably the best drinks value in the place.

              Food: Mostly unremarkable. I had the pate/crostini with pickles (onions, cornichons), the pate being cleverly served in a tiny mason jar. Clever, but hard to get at, but the best dish I had. Escargots seemed standard, but I didn't taste it. Mains: I ordered the special, BBQ chicken and ribs. The best thing about it were the frites. Classic. But I've better chicken and ribs at swiss chalet. Wife's salmon was a large portion but she said unremarkable and the rosti (nicely with fennel) was dripping with grease. Another chicken dish (with grapefruit) was enjoyed by my daughter, but very dry when I tasted it. Grilled scallops, however, were moist and perfect. Dessert: one between us, a grand marnier creme brulee, with not a hint of grand marnier. Otherwise a pretty good creme brulee and very large portion.

              So overall, can't recommend the place for the food, but a nice space, and I might go back for drinks on the patio, and specifically wine by the carafe.

              1. The chef appears to have changed, the food is quite different now and not quite french. I would avoid at all costs due to a recently unpleasant experience.
                The waiter thought we were tourists and took it upon himself to charge us more than what the actual price was! Of course you have to be cautious when eating in Yorkville during the Film Festival!!

                1. I might drop by when it's late on a weekend, they serve until 2 am, but otherwise no.