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Aug 14, 2008 06:40 AM

Silverado Steakhouse - SouthPoint Hotel, Las Vegas

Staying at the Southpoint...not wanting to drive too far as my Boss and I have been visiting accounts in town and attending a conference, we decided to give the Silverado Steakhouse in our hotel a try.

We arrived back at the hotel around 8:30 pm last night and headed to the was about half full...with confortable booth seating on the sides of the room and tables in the center. The room was dimly lit and the ambiance was calming. Most of the patrons were dressed casual, shorts, jeans, tshirts...etc.

The menu was looked liked a great value for what was being offered...
Dry aged steaks at $32 and under... all of which included a salad and a side (choice of potato or fresh asparagus and hollandaise)

We were brought a bread basket of pretzel bread, warm crusty rolls and a dark raisin was too good!

We each ordered a Soup to start...I had the lobster bisque ($6)...which was rich with cognac and full of boss had the french onion soup which he loved...very cheesy and he said seasoned well...not too salty which many onion soups tend to be.

We both chose the Dry Aged Bone in16 oz Rib Eye ($29)...along with salads and baked potatoes. I ordered my steak rare...and it came out perfectly cooked cool in the center and seared on the was tender, flavorful and needed nothing...though we ordered a side of bernaise.

We also shared a half bottle of wine.......

The entire meal was under $100 for 2

This was a great meal at a great value.....I am not sure I would make a special trip to the Southpoint for dinner w/ so many wonderful choices on the Strip.

Though if one finds themselves in the vicinity and wants a great Steakhouse experience with Dry aged beef at a great value....

This is the place! to know if anyone has tried the Mexican, Italian or Prime Rib place @ SouthPoint?

Silverado Steakhouse
9777 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89183

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  1. Hi, glad you enjoyed your meal at the Steakhouse. I haven't tried that place yet, mainly due to the experiences I had at a couple of other places there at SouthPoint. First, to answer your question, I have tried the Mexican restaurant there (Baja Miguel's). It was perhaps the worst meal I've ever had anywhere of any type. The service was poor, but I can overlook that if the food is good. It wasn't. In fact it was awful. It's been a while since that terrible meal so I honestly don't remember what it was I had (I think it was some sort of combo plate wit taco and enchilada, rice and beans. I just remember I was so upset with the whole experience that I finished far less than half of my food. Each individual item was the worst of that type I'd ever had anywhere. Needless to say, I've had no desire to return.

    Previous to that I'd tried their buffet which was also pretty bad, although not as bad as the meal I had at Baja Miguel's.

    Due to your review I might give the steakhouse a try one day, and I thank you for sharing your experience with us. But for now, the SouthPoint is far down on my list of places to go when I'm feeling hungry.

    1. I often stay at South Point, so I appreciate your review. I've never eaten anywhere but at the coffee shop, the buffet, and Big Sur. Not sure I'll ever "waste" a dinner at the steak house, but if I do, your review will make me feel more optimistic about it.

      1. wow - very reasonable price ! some might say it's because it's off-strip, but trust me, the steakhouses at the station casino's are much more expensive then Silverado.

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        1. re: kjs

          Staying @ Southpoint again this week for business. Too tired to venture out...even though I was craving sushi. I walked through the hotel lobby, perusing all the restaurant menus.
          Again I ended up @ the Silverado Steak House.
          Being a solo diner, I hate the fact they don't have a bar to dine at.
          I was seated at a booth in the back of the restaurant which was private, where I could enjoy my meal.

          I ordered the Halibut Francaise which came w/ a choice of House salad and potato and a side of asparagus w/ hollaindaise.
          I also ordered a half bottle of Fess Parker Syrah.

          Dinner was great! My house salad came, was tossed tableside. Along w/ a big basket of assorted bread. The pretzel bread is still my favorite.
          The portion of Halibut came and was quite large....with a nice light 'eggy' batter .
          The fish was meaty, moist and flaky...w/ a minimum of sauce. The asparagus was cooked perfectly.

          Unfortunately I couldnt finish it all.
          Dinner wasn't quite what I had been craving....It was very satisfying.
          It was a wonderful dining experience.

          1. re: ciaogal

            On another thread, I posted about my dinner at the Silverado last year. I was pleasantly surprised, too. It's not trying to be a world-beater restaurant, but it fulfills its mission well. Glad to know that the fish was good.