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Aug 14, 2008 05:29 AM

should miami spice change its concept?

i believe miami spice should change its format from specially designed 3 course meals for $23 at lunch and $36 at night to a standard 35% off the regular priced items on the regular menu so people could try the normal food a restaurant offers daily and not low budget offerings like 1/2 chicken,chilean salmon,churrasco.Over the years i have been consistently disappointed in the offerings restaurants post for their spice specials.I would love to hear from restaurant owners to see if a 35% discount would be economically viable.If you are trying to attract new customers to your restaurant,what better way than to serve the food you actually serve daily?Has anyone tried a spice menu that they thought was superior?What restaurant ,and what dish did you find superior instead of mediocre?

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    1. Michael's, thought it's not officially on spice promo. Mundo when it was around. Blue Door offers same menu items as regular menu.

      1. I think you just need to do your homework and go to the spots that take Spice seriously

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        1. re: The Chowfather AKA sobe

          I totally agree with doing the homework. Afterall, the restaurants post their menu on the site already, so it's not like you will go in a restaurant and be disappointed to see grilled salmon or teriyaki chicken.

          When I went to Vix, the entree along costs $50 or so on the menu.

          I would say a restaurant is free to offer whatever it wants and it's up to a smart foodie to find the excellent deals.

        2. I think that the rule that states, a restaurant has to be Zagat approved before it can take part in the Miami Spice, should be done away with.

          1. At Sardinia, the meatballs, sweeetbreads, lamb pasta, and branzino.

            At Emeril's, the duck hash, swordfish, and berry bread pudding.

            Azul, Setai, and Talulah this week so those should be no brainers as well.

            Chowfather is right that you have to do your homework, but maybe some of the blame should go to the organizers at GMCVB. I understand how nice it is for them to publicize the higher and higher numbers of restaurants participating each year, but they are clearly not getting their mission through to enough participating places with
            regard to serving food representative to their year long menus.

            Let's face it, the only Spice menus getting favorable reviews are the ones we eat at all year round anyway. Why don't owners or chefs try to lure us in with a $36 dinner that impresses, and makes us customers throughout the year.

            Didn't realize Zagat approval was necessary, but that's bogus too.