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Aug 14, 2008 04:53 AM

Dabbing on some makeup at the dinner table...

You're sitting in the dining room of a wonderful busy restaurant and suddenly your dining companion pulls out her makeup case and begins freshening her face...Is this proper behavior in the middle of dinner?...should she be taking this to the ladies room?

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  1. Yes, she should take it to the ladies room.

    1. I've read that, when amongst close friends or family, at a non-highend restaurant, it's ok to apply lipstick, without a mirror, at the table. That said, it's not something I'm inclined to do.

      1. i don't really care one way or the other(and don't do this myself) but my mentality is that if you wear makeup to highlight your features and look pretty natural, applying makeup at the table only draws attention to the fact that you are wearing makeup...aren't we all basically trying to say "look at how naturally beautiful i am!"?

        1. It is nothing I would want to watch, much less have someone watch me do in public.

          1. Absolutely take it to the ladies room, if it's anything more than lipstick (which can usually be applied without looking in a mirror, although my mother always pulls out a pocket mirror to apply - but she's my Mom so I forgive her. <g>)

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              I'm admittedly pretty bad at makeup in general -- but for the record, I don't think I could ever put on lipstick w/o a mirror. I have enough difficulty staying in the lines with cherry-flavored chapstick (you can kind of see a pinkish smear making inroads towards my cheeks).

              Mom putting on lipstick while looking in a pocket mirror seems potentially less bad than mom putting on lipstick w/o a pocket mirror.