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Aug 14, 2008 03:28 AM

Happy Hour on the Strip

Anything appealing (drinks or apps?) on the strip?

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  1. There are 3 restaurants in the Fashion Show Mall that run weekday happy hours at approximately the same time. Maggiano's Little Italy, Cafe Ba Ba Reeba and Ra. Cafe Ba Ba Reeba for instance offers $3 tapas and 1/2 priced wine in the bar area M-F from 4-7PM.

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    1. re: westie

      Thanks. How about drinks at any of the lounges/restos in the hotels on the strip?

      1. re: itryalot

        A few months ago the West Wing Bar at the MGM had 2-for-1 drinks up until 8:00 I think. Not sure if that was a permanent deal though.

    2. Nine Fine Irishmen in NY, NY is a blast at happy hour. I know they have some drink specials but the real reason to go are the piano players. They rock!

      1. Does anyone have any more info on the Happy Hour at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba? Is the whole tapas menu available for $3 or do they have specific $3 menu? Thanks!

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          FRom their website - not much info
          $3 HAPPY HOUR

          Come enjoy Happy Hour with us Monday - Friday from 4:00 - 7:00pm! $3 Tapas at the bar and half off Sangria.

          1. re: itryalot

            yes, I checked the website, but it didn't have much info. Thank you for looking tho.

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              I've been to the happy hour often. my friends and i drive in from the NW just for it. the menu is slimmed down, but includes bacon wrapped dates, meatballs, fried peppers and a couple other things. You can definately find some good things to eat. all of the sangria is half off....i think an entire pitcher is about ten favorite is the passion fruit or the cava (sparkling wine.) the happy hour is every day starting at 4 (includes weekends) Hope that you enjoy it!

              Just off the strip in the SW is sappora....great happy hour with five dollar martinis.

              Just south of the strip, in town square is blue martini. great happy hour, half off apps and cheap martinis. good scene and gets u just off the strip.

          2. re: Mattkn

            It is a specific menu (not all of the regular items appear on the happy hour menu). Portion sizes are also smaller (eg: three pieces per order instead of five). You can also order anything off the regular menu at full price.

            Nonetheless, it is still a good value. For example, you can get two orders of bacon wrapped dates, getting six pieces for $6 as opposed to five pieces for $8 on the regular menu.

            And it's hard to knock the 1/2 price sangria, unless like me, you'd rather have sherry with tapas.

            There's also a limited amount of tables in the bar. If they are all filled, you either need to wait or pay full price at a regular table in the restaurant.