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Aug 14, 2008 12:06 AM

Bulk Candy in Seattle or Portland areas

I'll be road tripping it around the Seattle area and down to Portland this weekend, and I'm on the hunt for bulk candy, specifically jelly bellys or M&Ms. I know you can buy bulk candy in the mall, but that's probably not the most economical choice! I think I probably need, er... 5-8 pounds? I can't order online because I'm from Vancouver and I suspect shipping costs would be enormous.

Does anyone have a favourite bulk candy store or warehouse they can recommend?

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  1. Central Market in Shoreline has a pretty good selection. Probably all the Central Market stores have bulk candy, but I've only been to the Shoreline location.

    1. All of the Haggens or Top Foods have good bulk candy selections. Not discount prices by any means, but you can get the quanitities that you described. Locations from Ferndale/Bellingham south.

      1. Cash and Carry sells candy in bulk. I know there's a store in Bellevue, and in Ballard. Not sure if there are others.

        1. Costco would probably also work - possibly Costco business over the regular warehouses.

          1. The Confectionary in University Village, Seattle is a good choice. They will have some unique items. Not sure if they carry name-brand stuff or if they have everything private-labeled.

            Central Market does have a great selection but it's geared for the natural/health type. Still good, probably even better than the brand-name stuff, but just wanted to give you the heads up.

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              Not particularly, at least not at the Shoreline location. Some items yes, but most of it is the good old unhealthy kind...unless you consider 3-inch jawbreakers, gummy worms & ultimate malted milk balls health food!