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Aug 13, 2008 11:53 PM

Need an online source for Indian spices that ships to Canada


I can find almost everything I need here in Kelowna, but I need an online source for the more esoteric ones--asafetida and mustard oil, for example.

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    1. re: Richard 16

      asefoetida/mustard oil @ Penzey's?
      I might be wrong, but I thought Penzey's / Spice house were only for things an Indian cook would not really use. The both do a decent Garam Masala, but it costs about five times more than it should. Try this. Canada? Not sure.

      1. re: howlin

        No mustard oil or asafetidia, unfortunately...

        1. re: Miralixx

          sorry ,bad about,ive never ordered but they have quite a bit of stuff.

      2. I feel your pain after living in a few places that suffer from a lack of spice/cooking availability. We have a few shops in Millwoods (Edmonton) that stock a huge collection of Indian spices, beans and other goodies.

        After a bit of googling, it does look like a few websites out of the UK ( as an example) offer shipping to Canada. I'll keep looking, as there must be something on this side of the pond that can fill your needs.

        1. Try South China Seas Trading Co. They don't have a webstore (it's in the works), but you can email them here to order spices:

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