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Aug 13, 2008 10:32 PM

No Tofu Festival this year

I didn't notice anyone mentioning this before, but there will be no Tofu Festival in Little Tokyo this year. The Nisei Week festivities start this weekend. Yeah....the festival was definitely not improving, but I wondered why I didn't get a postcard for the festival and didn't see any mention in the Marukai shopper. I asked my friends who own a shop in Little Tokyo. They told me there wouldn't be one this year because the area normally used for the event was undergoing construction. Someone suggested the area by the cultural center, but the fees and the insurance made the event a little too costly so the plug was pulled. Sounds like there might not be another one in the forseeable future (at least in Little Tokyo). Wasn't great, but I think I might miss it. The shop owners in the area did like the spike in foot traffic too.

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  1. I think the novelty of the Tofu Festival played itself out. In recent years, it was pretty boring, and the dishes mostly uninspired. The heat of the August days didn't help either.

    No big loss IMO.

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      The first 2 years were excellent, inspired food! Last year was so bland.

    2. Little Tokyo Service Center (LTSC) is the organizer of the event. Read recently that 2007 was the largest turnout and most successful. Last years location is now under construction. They cancelled the 5K last year and this year because of on going construction in Little Tokyo.

      1. My wife works in Little Tokyo, and says the whole Nisei Week thing is in disarrray.