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Ginger Beer in Jackson Heights

Does anybody know of a market or deli or bodega that has ginger beer in Jackson Heights? I've checked several grocery stores and many delis, but no soap. I quite like the Goya ginger beer --- it has a nice bite --- and I've seen most other Goya sodas, plus other Mexican and South American brands. But no ginger beer. I'm drowning in a sea of Malta over here. I'd be willing to go out of my way for it, but in particular if there's a store someplace on Roosevelt or 37th or Great Northern in the 70s and 80s that has it, I'd swoon. I'm mournfully bright and becalmed.

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  1. Good luck. Ginger beer is tough to find in any neighborhood. Stewart's actually makes a decent one - so check out larger stores like Fairway or Target.

    1. I don't know about Jackson Heights, but the ginger beer most widely available in New York is the Jamaican Desnoes and Geddes. You can find D&G ginger beer all over Flatbush. It has a good spicy kick.

      Here's the company web page: http://www.jamaicadrinks.com/aboutus_...

      1. I have seen the Goya one at Espresso 77 on 77th off 37th. I don't know if you have asked, but the managers at the Met Food on 37th are pretty willing to order things if you ask them.

        I've never tasted ginger beer, but Trader Joe's sells a brand of soda called Hansen's and they make a ginger ale that tastes nothing like schweppes or canada dry, so maybe you would like it?

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          It's not Jackson Heights, but Two for the Pot in Brooklyn Heights sells Idris brand ginger beer. I buy it to make lovely dark and stormies (Gosling's Black Rum only, please).

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            How exciting! I will definitely check it out. Thanks for the tip.

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              try the health food store in jackson heights on 37th. i think i've seen it there. or the trade fair on 37th.

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                Yes, Trade Fair on 37th & 75th has Ginger Beer from the West Indies with a label called Good-o. It's in the front of the store in very large bottles. I've never tried it so don't know if its good quality. At $1.39 probably not.

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                  I tried the good-o --- more snap than ginger ale, but lacking the full bite and flavor of the goya. thanks for the tip!

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              Trader Joes sells Reed's Ginger Beer.

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                Reed's Ginger Beer is pretty bad, tasting more like pineapple than ginger. Definitely not a substitute.

            3. As an aside, last time I was at The Islands in Crown Heights they had the best home-brewed ginger beer I've ever had. Combined with the amazing, meltingly good jerk chicken with peas and rice, I died. Literally, died.

              1. Laughed out loud when I found this post- as a 1 yr resident of JH, I was always on the lookout for ginger beer, with little success. However, early this summer I discovered it- C-town grocery around 89th and Roosevelt (on Roosevelt). They have a couple different brands (which they oddly do not carry at other local C-towns)- all a great deal cheaper than the $5 for 4 dinky bottle ginger beers from Wholefoods and TJs

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                  Uh...so this is almost a year later that I finally saw your reply....but thank you, thank you, thank you!