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Aug 13, 2008 09:52 PM

Best food products to buy at IKEA?

Tonight I went to IKEA for the first time, and was suitably impressed. Ours just opened last November, but I wish it had been around when I moved into my own apartment last summer. As it is, I didn't need anything, but I did eat dinner in the cafeteria (delicious Swedish meatballs with macaroni and cheese, and lingonberry juice) and grabbed a 50-cent hot dog and a $1 frozen yogurt cone on the way out.

I was also intrigued by the wide variety of Swedish grocery products they sell near the exit. Cookies and baked goods, frozen desserts, sauces and spices, and most intriguing to me, the various fishy items: gravlax salmon, various jars of herring, even caviar that seems like an amazing bargain. What are the best things to get here? Are they actually good deals? For what it's worth, I often buy a huge jar of Vita herring in wine sauce at the supermarket, and enjoy it with bagels or crackers for weeks at a time. I'd love trying some new similar things, but I can't afford to buy one of everything.

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  1. I LOVE their lingonberry jam spread.

    1. I like their muesli and their rye bread mix that comes in a add water, shake to mix... quite good and super easy,
      Last trip there I bought a tube of salmon pate and also lingonberry bread mix, have not yet tried either.
      I also always buy some of their lingonberry jam since it's cheaper there than in the grocery store.

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        The dark, rye breadmix in a carton is wonderful. I actually read about it in an online London newspaper. When I first cut into it, it crumbled. I put it in a plastic bag (produce bag from grocery), let it sit a day and it softened somewhat on top and edges and then I sliced it thinly (and perfectly, I might add) with an electric slicer. You could use electric knife or just a good serrated one. I've already become addicted. It's way better than what you buy in tiny packages for lots of bucks.

      2. More votes for the lingonberry jam and the muesli. We buy those regularly.

        We were there earlier this week and picked up some black currant syrup in a bottle. I hadn't seen this before. It's delicious in sparkling water. (they have lingonberry syrup like this too...we used to buy that often).

        They also had some non-alcoholic pear cider in a can. We picked up one can just to try. This was really good. Not too sweet and lots of real pear flavor.

        I'm a sucker for the Anna's cookies and the swedish fish as well but try to limit the purchases of those items.

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          I love the pear cider and always leave with a bar of milk chocolate.

        2. I always stock up on lingonberry everything when I go there.

          1. I love the elderflower syrup--add to soda (or, so I've read, gin & soda) for a perfect summer refresher.