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Aug 13, 2008 09:46 PM

Bobby Flay mouthing the catchphrase to Throwdown

I never noticed this before. But has anyone else observed that in the final seconds of the FN show Throwdown, after Bobby Flay says "Ask yourself this..." he then mouths along, as the guests are uttering the very catchphrase, "Are you ready for a throwdown?" You can totally see him saying the words silently -- at least on the San Antonio Puffy Taco episode and the Paletta one. Not a critique at all, really. Will Smith famously mouthed along other characters' lines in early episodes of The Fresh Prince. It must be difficult not to unconsciously say someone else's lines. And it's rather endearing, as if he wants to make sure his featured guests say the words correctly and he's willing it by saying it himself.

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  1. Another interesting thing. When the competitor wins, Flay begins, and then they complete the sentence. When he wins the throwdown, he says the entire sentence himself.

    I'm guessing cause after they've lost they probably aren't thrilled to plug the show at the end; that or the producers probably save them the embarassment. Just a theory.

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      Interesting, I never noticed that. That might explain why he is saying it along with competitor(s), because sometimes (very rarely it seems) he says the whole thing.