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Aug 13, 2008 09:38 PM

Family reunion in Palo Alto area- what to do about meals?

There will be about 16 of us- we don't want to cook every lunch and dinner- facilities at Dad's house too crowded! And too expensive to go out. Take-out of some sort, I expect- any ideas for what we can do?

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  1. Keep it simple. I think the easiest thing to do is some kind of serve-yourself set up. Put out sandwich makings and some deli salads for lunch. For dinner, one thing that's fun is a taco bar. You can pick up the fixin's at one of the Mexican markets in Redwood City.

    1. Back-a-Yard over in Menlo Park. They're fantastic and do great take-out. Don't try eating over there, though, you'd fill up every table and then some.

      There's also Patxi's Pizza in downtown PA. You can either do take out or get a half-baked pizza for later.

      Or Mexican.... there's a million burrito places nearby. Try searching the boards for ones close by.

      And if all else fails, Chevy's is fast and fairly cheap.

      1. Applewood Pizza in Menlo Park is quite good and an easy take out option.

        Jing Jing in downtown Palo Alto - solid and inexpensive Chinese. I believe they deliver as well.

        1. Although I'm not a huge fan, there's a Beppo's in Palo Alto for family style Italian. They do take out and it's good quantity for the money.

          I whole heartedly second Jing Jing, and recommend the orange peel beef and hunan smoked pork if you like spicy.

          1. good ideas, everyone. I like the idea of the taco bar, and the take-out places mentioned sound good. Sounds like you prefer Jing Jing to Su Hong?

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              Su Hong in Palo Alto - not in Menlo Park - has Shanghainese dishes as well as more easily found Chinese food. With take-out and delivery available, and staff who will adjust spiciness/ingredients to your wishes, this could be an easy success.

              Recently, Su Hong was favored on this board for their XLB. At lunch on Saturdays, they also serve sheng jian bao.

              1. re: anyhow

                Here's the link, with website including menu in English and Chinese

                Su Hong Eatery
                4256 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94306