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Aug 13, 2008 09:30 PM

Good business dinner in Mesa,AZ area

Looking for a decent resto in the Mesa area for a group of about 8-10 of us. I'd love some authentic southwestern or mexican cuisine, but am open to anything not too fancy but not family-oriented, with decent food, preferably above average. Suggestions? PS--We'll be dining on a Monday night. thx

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  1. Blue Adobe Grill located on Country Club jusy N. of Main Street.. I have eaten ther 20 or 30 times over the last few years and have always been very hasppy. Although they don't have a seperate room for your party, on a Monday you should be fine.

    I believe several CH'ers have reviewed the Scottsdale location but you don't often hear about the location in Mesa. I think they ar one of the more "underrataed" restaurants around!

    1. I like Mangos on main street, in the middle of downtown. It's very small, and I'm not sure whether it's open on Monday nights, so you might want to call and ask. Although, to be honest, I almost always order the avocado torta... The same family owns El Zocalo in downtown Chandler (not too far away), a slightly more upscale place, where I've tried more of the dishes and enjoyed all of them.

      I agree Blue Adobe is good too, for New Mexican rather than AZ-Mex.

      El Zocalo Mexican Grill
      28 S San Marcos Pl, Chandler, AZ 85225

      Mango's Mexican Restaurant & Bakery
      44 W Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201

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        Just in case you change your mind about the cuisine, I had a GREAT informal business dinner of the type you seem to be looking for at Classic Italian Pizza, not far from downtown Mesa on the east side of Tempe. It's a small, nice place, and quiet enough that you can easily hear your party talk. Also some of the best pizza in the Phoenix area! Again, not sure about Mondays, so call ahead. It's a little hard to find, tucked in the extreme NE corner of a shopping plaza dominated by Pure Fitness and Bova Furniture.

        Classic Italian Pizza
        1054 E Baseline Rd, Tempe, AZ 85283

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          I believe Mangos still is doing it's summer hours so closes around 4 in afternoon

        2. The Landmark (Main at Extension). Classic, almost retro-chic American menu (pot roast, chicken Kiev, Swiss steak, etc.). For your purposes, they offer private dining and boardroom facilities. Star of the show is the "salad room," where you'll find ultra-fresh greenery with all the fixins' and from-scratch soups and sides that stand toe-to-toe with grandma's best recipes.
          I'm a Phoenix restaurateur and working food writer. This palce charms my socks off. Solid food. Unintrusive, professional service. FYI.

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            I know the Landmark has a special place in the hearts of Arizona natives, but when I went a few years back I felt like I walked into a retirement home. And not just because everyone there was 70-plus years old - fill the place with teenagers and it would still feel like a retirement home. It's a great old building, but I wish they'd done something more alive on the inside. The salad bar, which I'd heard so much about, did not impress much either.