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Aug 13, 2008 09:05 PM

Mussels from Costco?

I usually go to Burhops for a pound of mussels when it's just me & the husband ,but I'm thinking about serving my favorite mixed seafood grill to a large group next month. I recently noticed that Costco sell a HUGE bag o' mussels at a great price. Has anyone tried them? I would love to save some $$ so I could afford to throw some scallops in the mix.

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  1. Quite a while back, I bought some mussels from Costco labeled as wild mussels from Maine. They were full of grit. I cleaned them pretty well, but the grit seemed like it was embedded in the meat. Like I said, it was quite a while ago, and it may have just been that one batch, but it has kept me from buying Costco mussels since.

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      My husband and I buy the mussels at Costco quite often and find them just fine. I think you may have gotten a bad batch, which is a bummer. Generally speaking, we've found the quality of their seafood to be quite good, especially the halibut. However, one time, we got a horrid couple of lobster tails. Never has happened since though.

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        On the whole, I have also been more than pleased with Costco's seafood. I have even been tempted to buy more Costco mussels since that one bad experience, but I have been reluctant. Based on your experience, I will have to give them another chance. I must say though, they refunded my money without any hesitation (although I suspect I was not the only one complaining).

        From now on, I think I will still stay away from anything labeled as "wild" mussels. I think mussels are one case where farm raised in a controlled environment is better.

    2. I've never tried the mussels, but I am willing to test them if you pass along your favorite mixed seafood grill recipe

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        Here it is:

        We haven't tried it with the chorizo, & sometimes leave out the clams also.
        The shallot/wine/tomato sauce makes for excellent bread dipping.

      2. I've gotten the mussels many times from Costco. Never been disappointed. I don't think you'll find a much better price elsewhere either.