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Hub Goes To Athens... do they have food?

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I'm throwing it out there... Hubbard has to go to Athens for business. Is there anything to eat there? Surely, someone has been.

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  1. Applebees
    Taco Bell
    Jack In the Box
    Kentucky Fried Chicken
    Buffet City
    Dairy Queen
    Little Caesar’s
    Mazzio’s Pizza
    ...in other words pack a lunch.

    1. I've been through it 100 times; gastronmically it's a lunar landscape. For dinner it's worth the dash up 175 to Deep Ellum in East Dallas.

      1. Is Bullard (40 miles away) too far? Kiepersol Estates Vineyard and Winery has a pretty good restaurant on its grounds: http://www.kiepersol.com

        1. There is a restaurant on the square called Pendulum?? My mom's friend went there last week and said it was pretty good.