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Aug 13, 2008 07:01 PM

Hub Goes To Athens... do they have food?

I'm throwing it out there... Hubbard has to go to Athens for business. Is there anything to eat there? Surely, someone has been.

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  1. Applebees
    Taco Bell
    Jack In the Box
    Kentucky Fried Chicken
    Buffet City
    Dairy Queen
    Little Caesar’s
    Mazzio’s Pizza other words pack a lunch.

    1. I've been through it 100 times; gastronmically it's a lunar landscape. For dinner it's worth the dash up 175 to Deep Ellum in East Dallas.

      1. Is Bullard (40 miles away) too far? Kiepersol Estates Vineyard and Winery has a pretty good restaurant on its grounds:

        1. There is a restaurant on the square called Pendulum?? My mom's friend went there last week and said it was pretty good.