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Aug 13, 2008 06:24 PM

Veg-friendly restaurant for a birthday dinner

I'm looking for a place to take my boyfriend for his birthday. He's vegetarian, I'm not, and so am looking for a place that is either vegetarian or veg-friendly. For my birthday we went to Po, which was great, but I'd be great to find someplace else to try. Also, a great wine list would be an added bonus. Location doesn't really matter.

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  1. The one place that comes to mind is Otto, which has managed to consistently please most of my veg and non-veg friends and their wine list is decent.

    Otherwise, depending on his preferences for ethnic cuisine, you could always go with Ethiopian, Thai, Greek, Mexican, etc. for veg-friendly options.

    As for strictly veg, Candle 79 is my go-to special occasion restaurant.

    1. This comes up on occasion. In the past I've recommended Otto, Paladar, Landmarc, Mercadito, Highline and Devi.

      1. Not sure what your range is but I am in the same situation as you except other way around, GF is veg and I am not.

        There has not been a single high end restaurant in NYC that has not accomodated her with advance notice. In some cases (EMP, Picholine, Bouley) the Chef really rose to the occassion and came up with items ceated just for her based upon what she likes.

        Daniel, one of our favorites, offers a vegetarian menu, it changes occassionally but has always been fantastic.

        1. maybe try a tapas place like alta. this way you can share some things and each have your own of some things. tapas spots usually have a variety of options.