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Aug 13, 2008 06:12 PM

Grilled Octopus/San Diego

I'll be in San Diego by myself next Tuesday/Wednesday, and Wednesday is an open night. A few months ago I had a truly memorable dish--grilled octopus on salad--at Sardinia Enoteca in South Beach/Miami. We don't have those options in Tucson. Any grilled octopus in an Diego. I'm staying downtown but have a car.

If grilled octopus is not an option, are there any new "must go" places downtown. I have tried many places in the Gaslamp and Little Italy already, but am always looking for someplace new.


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  1. Mona Lisa deli/restaurant has octopus salad though it is more of a deli with a casual dinning area then a real restaurant.

    1. lawyerbriefs- you may not have grilled octopus in Tucson, but we sure do not have good carne seca, Mi Nidito style, out here. So gastro-cultural exchange is in order.

      The Starlite Lounge has delectable grilled octopus on the menu most days, but you should check beforehand. Also, it's not downtown and a little tricky to find, but you'll be fine with a car. Cheers.