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Aug 13, 2008 06:09 PM

Burlington Vt

I'll be in Burlington for one night later this month. After searching this board both Trattoria Delia and
L'Amante seemed like good possibilities. Any help narrowing down my choices would be appreciated.

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  1. It's hard to narrow things down when you're non-specific as to your criteria for narrowing. :)

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    1. re: Morganna

      Your profile picked Trattoria Delia as a top five. Their web site makes the dining room appear very dark. I'm looking for overall experience... good food, wine, atmosphere, service and value. Is there anything that stands out to make one a better choice?

      1. re: jaylhorner

        Trattoria Delia is indeed "lowered lighting", or "dark" if you prefer.

        It also is the single best restaurant in downtown Burlington, if you seek great food, great wine, romantic atmosphere, excellent service...and though the price is higher than other downtown restaurants, in this case it represents good value because you get what you pay for.

        L'Amante? Some people enjoy it, but I'm not one, their menu simply is far less interesting to me.

        1. re: jaylhorner

          It can be dark in there, lovely and romantic, is how I think of it. The service we had was outstanding. We went there for our anniversary, and were greeted with complimentary (or is it complementary) glasses of prosecco (sp?). They were perfectly attentive without being intrusive, they knew our names without having to check a list, and they were very concerned about our comfort and seating us in a location that offered us a view of each other, and not the rest of the room. :)

      2. in my opinion, Trat is where you go for a cozy dinner with great food, wine and service.... in the winter (because of the dark and cozy vibe) and L'Amante is where you go for a more relaxed dinner with great food, wine and service. L'Amante's menu is more limited and there have been times that I've struggled to pick a dish because nothing immediately appealed to me, but that being said, the food is as good as Trat... more simple, less traditional but the gnocchi are usually well cooked and sauced. I don't love the atmosphere at L'Amante but I think of it as my drop in/ go to spot for good food... Trat is my anniversary/special occasion spot for good food. Either one will give you a good meal, it depends on your mood as to what your choice will be, good luck.

        1. Hey Jay,

          Here is my take:

          I enjoy both places and would comment:

          1. Menu is more varied at Trattoria Delia but they have not liquor (only Italian wines and beer) so if you must have a cocktail, either stop somewhere else before/after dinner or choose another place.

          2. L'Amante has a full service bar and the atmoshere is a bit more bright and open (mostly tables). The food is also excellent. I would visit both websites to help guide your choice.

          If you are looking for something besides Italian, I would look at Taste (in Burlington), The Kitchen Table Bistro (about 20 minutes from Burlington in Richmond, just off of 89 South), or The Inn at Shelbrne Farms (great setting although the portion sizes are a bit "petite" for my taste).

          I would advise to make a reservation ASAP as it is busy here right through October.

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          1. re: TonyO

            Thanks Tony,
            I'll narrow down real soon and make a reservation.