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Aug 13, 2008 05:49 PM

Brunch in/around Twin Cities

Suggestions for a fun brunch somewhere in the Twin Cities area, even Stillwater...we went to Sunsets in Wayzata and thought is was only so-so....we are looking for a relaxing time, maybe some shops to poke around in, maybe lake views...ideas? Thanks in advance---all your suggestions are so helpful.

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  1. Jax, Sunday brunch is great....

    1. Hmm..who doesn't love brunch!

      Around the Twin Cities-here are a few suggestions. Nicollet Island Inn serves up a wonderful several course brunch. For the amount of courses-the price is fitting and then you could do a walk around St. Anthony for fun---but if you're not looking to spend upwards of $30-dollars....

      You can always hit up Hell's Kitchen and then walk around DT at some shops.

      OR, head over to St. Paul-Bon Vie has excellent brunch (off Selby) - which hands down has the best eggs benedict ever. OR Swede Hollow Cafe in East St Paul (though there are no shops to browse...)

      If you want to head to Stillwater, check out Savories. This place is really cute, the service is quick and friendly, the food is good and reasonably priced and of course, you have all that Stillwater has to offer. I believe they even have a menu online to scope out.

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        I am fully behind Bon Vie's benedict...

        It is rare to find someone who can make a good hollandaise, let alone one that doesn't come out of a pouch/bag...

        Bartbette also does a really good brunch.. Daily quiches & scrambles, amazing crepes, and... a REALLY good benedict/florentine... They also have really good coffee and scones (if you get there before they're gone!)...

        IMO, skip Hell's Kitchen... never been too satisfied with dining there... the decor is gross and the location is a huge pain. Plus, super busy on the weekends with the church crowd... no thanks.

        Has anyone tried the revival of weekend brunch at Pizza Luce DT? I live and die by the brunch at their Duluth location, really tasty... I know they tried this at the DT one awhile ago and it didn't do so well...

        1. re: jsyx

          LOVE the brunch at Luce in Duluth. I had it yesterday, actually. The breakfast burrito, the french toast, the's all good.

      2. How about Meritage in St. Paul? They have lovely sidewalk dining on weekend mornings, starting at 10am. Their "brunch" potatoes are exquisite, with a nice crust on the outside, but tender on the inside: simple, but perfect, one of my new favorite dishes in the Twin Cities. Service and hospitality are wonderful (ie., our first visit, we showed up about 10 minutes early and were standing at the window, reviewing their menu and considering our options, when the hostess noticed us, came out and offered us a spot on the patio and coffee while waiting for them to open). They have a lovely pastry cart. And fun-looking cocktails (haven't tried them myself. I stick with coffee).

        Afterward, you can stroll over the Wabasha Bridge and admire the river view, walk over to Harriet Island and explore the Marina; stroll around Rice Park; or walk to the Farmers Market (and pop in to explore Mears Park en route)...


        1. You missed the best brunch dining in Wayzata by a few blocks. Try NorthCoast right on the lake in the building next to the train depot. They have got a great brunch menu - try the raspberry creme brule french toast - made by their pastry chef - one bite and I was hooked. And it doesn't hurt to be right on the shores of the gorgeous lake while dining.

          1. Ok, maybe neither of these are technically "brunch," which my husband has always argued is a buffet, not just an extensive breakfast menu, which is in his mind, just breakfast. However...we've had good luck at Zumbro Cafe, which is near Lake Harriet and surrounded by all the cute little Linden Hills shops. The benedict there is excellent, with a hollandaise that wasn't overly lemony. Edina Grill is another good place--as I'm sure are all the other Grills (Longfellow, Highland). I loved their walleye and shrimp cake benedict. Plus, they have the best hash browns I've ever had. I think it's the ultra-fine grate that makes for a crunchy outside, melty inside treat. Then if you're looking to shop, 50th and France offers plenty of that, too.