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Aug 13, 2008 05:45 PM

Getting dragged to!

I was asked for suggestions for a group/business dinner in the general Hollywood area and came with Animal, Angelini, Jar and AOC. Just got the email that we're going to Beso. I have not heard one positive, chow-y thing about this place. Anything good to eat there? I would be grateful for any tips on making this a good time.


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  1. Ate their last night. Thought it was fantastic. Drink the Pool Side, and try the Paella or the taco sampler.

    Shrimp flatbread was tasty to begin.

    1. Ate there about a month after their opening and it was absolutely horrendous through and through. However, it is Todd English so maybe they turned it around. I'm never going back to find out though. Too many other choices. Good luck and report back about your experience.

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        well, I'm glad we have a consensus here

      2. Todd English is very over-rated.

        1. we tried to eat there about 6 weeks ago. the service at the hostess stand and the bar was so horrific we left before being seated. one client left her table to some to the bar for a beer because it had been so long since she'd seen her waiter.

          i know chowhound is supposed to only be about the food, but when the front of the house is so bad you don't even get to the food, i think this is saying something.

          1. I ate there 2 weeks ago - it seems to be running much smoother now. We got seated right away in the middle of the room. The waiter gave us lots of time to catch up. Shrimp flatbread was delicious, as were our drinks and steaks. Tried their raspberry gimlets - very yummy.

            For a group dinner it might actually be fun. Drinks are nice and strong, and scenery is lively and interesting. Best advice would be to stick with something basic for your entree.