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Aug 13, 2008 05:29 PM


I'm looking for recs for 3 WONDERFUL meals...pricey, romantic outdoor seating with ocean views preferable. Staying at the La Mer unfortunately during firemans week so I want to start making reservations now! I know there are posts already out thereon Cape May but many are old. Thanks for your help hounds!!

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  1. Simple
    Ebbit Room - Virginia Hotel (The mussels with green curry were outstanding)
    Washington Inn - Its the exact setting you are looking for, and the food is great.
    Peter Shields Inn - BYOB with excellent food.

    Happy Eating

    1. There really aren't many places that offer a pricey meal with outdoor seating and an ocean view.

      I'm not sure which is more important to you, a pricey romantic meal or ocean view?

      I think Tisha's is your best bet. Outside, pricey, very good, ocean front. Go there. It's very small, but you should like it. Make a reservation and request to sit outside.

      For an ocean view you should try Martini Beach. The food is somewhat pricey and decent. Ask to sit on the porch and you'll get a very good view of the ocean. It is an enclosed porch though. This is ocean front and your view will be from the 2nd story.

      Peter Shields is an ocean front location but you won't have a view because all dining is inside. Very good food though.

      Two casual places if you want to be outside and near water....Lobster House and Harbor View.

      Breakfast...go to McGlades. right on the beach...good omlettes.

      Good Luck!!

      1. Unfortunately, Cape May should have better restaurants than it does. It has a few good ones but most seem to do more coasting than creative cooking. Many of the menus are completely interchangeable and there is little if any innovation going on. That said, you can still eat pretty well here.

        Pricey and probably the best meals: Washington Inn or Ebbitt Room. Neither have romantic outdoor seating or water views however. They have full service bars. WI is better overall and has the better wine list. You should probably put that on your list first. Tisha's on the boardwalk has water views but not outdoor (BYO) seating. I still have not gotten there but hear its good. Peter Shields (BYO) has a nice water view from the enclosed porch, which is a very nice setting, but I have not been back in the past year or two since I had more than a few mediocre meals there and gave up on the place. It could have improved since then but I can't say. The Pier House at La Mer can be good but not great, but I've never had a bad meal there. It has water views from the inside and an outdoor seating area but not really any water views from there. They have a full service bar. The Union Park at the Hotel Macomber is very good (BYO) and has a nice outdoor porch for dining with glimpses of the water. I've been eating there for years and still like it. I had a very good dinner there a few weeks ago. I'd also highly recommend Marie Claires in Wildwood Crest, which is only about 10 minutes from CM just over the causeway to Wildwood. Full service and excellent food. FYI, went to Sea Salt in Stone Harbor two weeks ago, which had gotten some good reviews on this board. We were terribly disappointed in the tasting menu. For all the hype we heard about the place, I'd never go back. Nothing stood out and some dishes were just so disappointing. And the place was tiny and absolutely jammed. And quite expensive.

        So if I had to pick just three, it would be Washington Inn, Union Park and Marie Claire. Tisha's if you don't feel like driving to Wildwood Crest.

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          Thanks all!!

          Ellen, If the crazy fireman weren't in town in the wildwoods i would venture over that it is CM gets some overflow that we'll have to deal with. I have res at Wash Inn, Shields and Tisha's...i'll let you know how Shields goes since you are not the 1st to say they've gone down a bit. The setting sounds nice, hopeflly that will make up for any slight flaws in cuisine.