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I ordered from Schwans

I did a search on Schwans. Everything was pretty old.
I placed an order online Saturday night. I was enjoying a few Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ales ( a topic for the beer board ), when I had the rare urge for ice cream.
Last year I had Edy's Toffee Bar Crunch, and it was gold. Now, discontinued. A search for toffee ice cream brought me to Schwans. I ordered a gallon, damn, I better like it, and feeling weird just having ice cream delivered, I also got some frozen pizzas and chicken strips. Haven't arrived yet. Anyone know what I'm in for?
Hey, the pictures looked really, really good.

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  1. A lot of their items were sold in Costco a few years ago. Root beer floats and personal size pizzas...under a different name but same manufacturing plant. It is really good stuff. Hella expensive from the delivery guy though. But I used to wait for him to show up every two weeks...

    1. The ice cream is fabulous, very creamy. Their butter pecan is the best I've ever had and I'm happy to see that autumn treat is back, too. My family's been ordering from Schwan's since I was a kid. Overall, I'd say most things you'd get from Schwan's will be a step or two above what you'd get in the average grocery store. If you stick to the items that are on the cheaper end, you're getting pretty good quality for the money, imo. Which pizzas did you get? I'm in love with the brick oven style pizzas.

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        yes. seconding this. the ice cream is phenomenal in every respect.

      2. Home delivery ice cream is Schwan's original business, but Schwan owns and produces a number of major supermarket brands including Freschetta pizza, Mrs. Smith's pies, etc. Some of the brands they built themselves, and others were acquired.


        Thus many of the products they sell as Schwan's for home delivery are likely the same ones they package in the supermarket boxes. I don't know this for certain, but it just makes sense from a production standpoint. I think if you look through the pizza choices, for instance, they match up pretty well with some of their in-store products.

        1. I'm dying to hear how their pizza burgers are, if you're inclined to place another order, Bob.


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            Hi TDQ,
            When I read your post my first thought was, how did I miss those? I spent a lot of time trying to find something to order with the ice cream. The answer was, I didn''t. If they have pizza burgers, they don't list them on the website.
            As far as all the "it's not worth the money" post, I'd be real shocked if it were, but the main purpose was the ice cream. I can find NO toffee ice cream at any grocery store here. Sometimes hops make me crave sweets.

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              No pizza burgers! Oh, say it ain't so! I'm so disappointed!


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                Some of their items are regional. Like the cajun meat pies. I'd really like to try those, but not available in my area, alas :(

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                  How do you know which items are regional? Can they tell you if you call the 1-800 number? In this case, the pizza burgers aren't even listed on the website (although, someone recommended Schwans to me for pizza burgers in a thread about a year ago...)


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                    You can go to the website and enter your zip code, then it'll show you only the items available in your area. Or when an item IS regional, there'll be a box to put in your zip code to check availability on that item. It could be that they dont' offer the pizza burgers anymore.

          2. I was curious about Schwans after seeing their truck at my neighbors delivering every few weeks.

            I checked out their website, and the foods all looked by their descriptions like the Stouffers items I can find at the grocery store in the frozne aisle. I dont buy them at the store, and I couldnt see the use for having some delivered to my home.

            I can appreciate the whole time saving aspect of being able to pull a meal from the freeszer, but its not for me or my family, I gladly cook dinner after my 12 hour day of working and commuting over the choices I saw on their website.

            1. About ten years ago, we frequently bought their frozen chicken taquitos, for no other reason than that they were so damn good. then they stopped carrying them, and because they really don't have anything else we'd buy rather than make ourselves, we haven't boought from them since.


              1. I haven't ordered from them in a few years (my husband has a serious aversion to convenience food), but I remember their chicken cordon bleu being pretty tasty...oh, and peach ice cream. I can't remember if that was seasonal or not, but I highly recommend it if you can get it.

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                  Wow I remember the peach ice cream when I was a kid - soooo good. And of course, push-ems - my family wouldn't place an order without a few boxes of orange sherbet push-ems.

                2. Schwans must be the greatest stuff ever. I placed the order on the 9th, and I've yet to see anything at all from them. They must be so busy processing and delivering orders, they don't really have time for new customers. I even checked on it last Friday, and was told someone would contact me when I was assigned to a route. 10 days and they can't even find a driver that needs a new customer. In the mean time, I've seen their trucks on my street twice.

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                    Because I know that you're all up nights waiting to hear about my Schwans order,;-) it ended with them telling me it would be delivered last Thursday. It wasn't, and I was leaving town, so I cancelled. They never contacted me with a delivery day, it was only when I contacted them that I was told it was coming that day. Absolutely some of the worst customer service I've ever encountered.

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                      Have to agree about customer service. Our relatives had a truck stopping by regularly. They each died within six weeks of each other. We notified Schwans to stop coming by and they kept leaving notes on the door of the house. This went on for several weeks. These days the majority of the time in our area you'll see a truck parked on a vacant corner near a sun canopy with a sign reading 'truckload' sale. With gas prices perhaps they've cut down on route sales or don't have the business.

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                        To make this even worse, when I got home from work tonight, the order on was on my porch.
                        I don't even know what I'm gonna do about it, yet. I suppose I'll wait and see if I'm billed. I'm thinking at this point that the Customer Service dept is so screwed up, I can get regular deliveries, and maybe get them to pay me for accepting them.
                        On the other hand, it's so screwed up I'm a little nervous they have my credit card number.

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                          I actually had a talk with my driver yesterday about the pre-order system. He says that the drivers really don't like it because of glitches in the system that haven't been worked out.

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                            I ordered online more than four years ago and it worked quite well.

                            THEN my driver left the company (they are paid on commission) and they changed delivery days and the new guy seemed to not know how to leave things in the cooler I left in the walkway (with a check taped to the top-and a copy of the online order with it) (he would leave a note asking if I had ordered) ...so I just stopped ordering.

                            He never showed up on the days I did not online order...

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                            Wow this keeps getting worse and worse.