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Aug 13, 2008 04:18 PM

Blue Moon Beer in Toronto??

Ok there's an advertisement here for Blue Moon beer.. The website says Toronto right at the bottom. Their beers aren't listed at The Beer Store, and every time I ask at a restaurant they've never heard of it..

I don't go to bars really, but I would for a few pints of blue moon.. I work at Bathurst/King.. Anywhere around here I can grab a Blue Moon? Or maybe LCBO has it bottled?

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  1. We went through the same search, after trying Blue Moon in Nashville. We noticed that it was made in Canada. Our research has told us that the Canadian equivalent to Blue Moon is Rickards White. It is available at the Beer Store, and probably some LCBOs.

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      Wow thanks man! I'll give that a try. Weird how marketing works on some of this stuff. I'd give you points if I could! :)

      1. re: SocksManly

        Glad to be of assistance, SM. Let me know if it tastes the same. I haven't actually got around to trying it yet... ; )

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        another very similar beer is Keiths White which is new since the post... I like it more but very similar.

      3. I am looking to try Rolling Rock

        I hear that is a good American beer.

        Anyone seen this?

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          Rolling Rock is good...never seen it in Toronto though. We bought a case in Buffalo in April.

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            Rolling Rock may have been a distinctive beer at one point, but it's been little more than a bland pale lager in a cool, retro-looking bottle for many, many years now.

            Up until a few years ago, it at least had the cache of being brewed by an independent brewing company in a unique brewery. But the first part of that statement became null and void when they were bought by Labatt, and then became part of the multinational Interbrew (later InBev).

            And then last year, InBev sold the brand to Anheuser-Busch, who chose not to buy the brewery as well, and are instead brewing it in one of their larger plants alongside Bud and their other brands. And if you've seen the episode of the Simpsons where Homer tours the Duff plant, you know what that means... ;)

          2. I'll kindly suggest two similar Canadian beers that are better than Blue Moon (MolsonCoors brews it.) The first, that's in the same Belgian Wit style as BM is Unibroue's Blanche de Chambly. The second, that's in the style of a German Weisse, is Denison's Weissebier. Blanche de Chambly is available in bottles at the LCBO and perhaps the Beer Store and is available on taps in various places around the city. Denison's is tap only in Toronto and surrounding areas and bars serving it can be found on the brewer's website at

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              I liek both of your suggestions, but I just tried Blue Moon in the US alst week, and I'd say its a bit lighter than Denison's or the Blanche de Chambly. Goes down a bit easier on a summer evening. Anyhow, to each his own. I was surprised when I found out it was a coor's product! Nice job for a mass produced product from a large brewing company.

              1. re: bluedog

                It's part of Anheuser Busch, right? If InBev (owner of Labbatt) takes over AB, then you might see it sending these products up North.

                1. re: grandgourmand

                  No, Coors is partnered with Molson. They merged a couple of years ago.

                  Not long after the merger, they started brewing Blue Moon at the Molson plant in Montreal, although not for sale in Canada - it's all shipped back down to the States.

                  However, as noted earlier in the thread, Rickard's White (also brewed by Molson) is very similar to Blue Moon. I asked Molson's head brewer about this at a beer event a while back, and he confirmed that the recipes are almost identical. So if you like one, you'll probably like the other.

                  And yes, bluedog, Blue Moon/Rickards White is a surprisingly decent beer. Although the benchmark of the Belgian white beer style, Hoegaarden, is also "a mass produced product from a large brewing company" (InBev), as are a number of other decent beers. Despite the fact that most brewing behemoths make their money from crappy pale lagers, they are capable of making some good stuff when they want to.

                  1. re: gregclow

                    Rickards White surprised me as well. I've never understood the appeal of Rickards Red, which to me is reminiscent of shellac in smell, and no better in taste. Now that I understand the Blue Moon/RW connection, I think I'll pick up a six pack for the weekend!

            2. Are there any other White/Wheat beers (are they the same?) that others would recommended to try, and you can buy in GTA? I've tried Blue Moon (when I was visiting relatives in cleveland) and Rickard's white, Hoegarden, Mill St's Whit beer, and Blanche de Chambly.. and I still prefer Hoegarden the best.

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                re: White vs. Wheat beers - yes, they are basically the same, although it's important to note that there are differences between the Belgian and German versions of the style.

                Belgian style wheat beers - which may be called Witbier, Wit, Witte, Bière Blanche, or Blanche - generally have spices added during brewing, usually coriander and orange peel.

                All of the beers you list are in the Belgian style. The only other one available locally as far as I can recall is PC White, which is a budget brand contract brewed for President's Choice by Brick Brewery. It's OK for a cheaper option, but not fantastic.

                Another one called Brussels White was supposed to be available as part of the LCBO's current Summer Beers promotion, but it's been held up in the warehouse for some time now due to labelling issues. It should hopefully appear on shelves eventually.

                German style wheat beers - called Weisse, Hefeweisse, Weizen or Hefeweizen - generally don't have any spices added, but develop flavours similar to cloves, banana and bubblegum due to the yeast strains that are used. There are a lot of different versions available at the LCBO and Beer Store, but my favourite is Denison's, a locally-brewed version available only on draught at a few places around town.

              2. Blue Moon is brewed in Toronto, by Molson's, who also brews Rickard's White. I don't know if they're the same, however a friend of mine is the brewmaster @ the ACC for Rickard's and claims they are identical...maybe they taste a bit different after Blue Moon takes a trip down south and back again...who knows. They're both good.

                Blanche de Chambly is the best in Canada, but there is a great german one called hacker-pschorr. They even have it on tap @ the bier market. Amazing.

                To beer!

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                1. re: jameskennedy

                  JK: great post, but the two styles (Wit and Weisse) are somewhat different (Hacke Pschorr is a weisse, BM and RW are wits). See gregclow's excellent post above. If into Weisse, The Abbot on the Hill has some good ones on tap, such as Ludwig Weisse. Some of the weissebier's are quite dark by the way: Ludwig for example, and the excellent Schneider Weisse.