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Aug 13, 2008 04:18 PM

Are my Grilled Veggies any good (HELP ASAP)

question: I grilled veggies on the grill for a side to meals or snacking (if it makes a difference i used no oil or butter just PAM on the grill and the veggies were onions, bell peppers, asparagus, portobellos, yellow squash, and eggplant) They are in a ziploc bag in the fridge and sitting in some of the natural juices and im wondering how long they will stay ggood for, thanks

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  1. Several days -- maybe even up to a week.

    1. I agree with valerie--they are definitely fine for at least a couple of days. They will also freeze nicely if you're not sure you can get to them within the week...


      1. Freezing will destroy the cell structure of the vegetables and turn them to mush.

        Pam is a product made by Con Agra, a mega corporation greatly manipulating the world food supply.

        Vegetable oil can be very easily and evenly distributed in a bowl. Use a poring spout to regulate flow, or a squirt bottle, or a pressurized spray bottle (charged with a mechanical pump). This is too easy. Drizzle oil on the surface of a roasting pan, distribute vegetables, season with salt and pepper and toss/manipulate with your hands.

        What's sold as convenience is really just as easily remedied with a little knowledge.

        The vegetables will last for days, but flavors will begin to meld and they'll be less individually interesting. Mold, and rotting will take over depending on the original condition of the vegetables, the cleanliness of your kitchen, and the amount of exposure to optimum temperature for bacterial growth (41 - 140 degrees is the bacterial playground optimum growing zone).

        Pickling is another way to delay the deterioration cycle, and ultimately canning. This limits bacterial growth by creating an environment hostile to bacteria. Salt, acid, and and limiting exposure to air are all in your favor. You can also dehydrate products - bacteria need moisture just like you.....