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Aug 13, 2008 04:15 PM

matsu salt lake city

had lunch today. this restaurant is where Pine was located on 9th east and approx 4700 south. I like the location for the deckside seating by the creek. i'm writing this review not so much because the food will blow you away, but the food is decent, the setting is great, the owners and servers are doing their best to please, and the lunch was a great value. we started with an order of gyoza, which were good. i always ask for six instead of the usual five. i know five is aesthetically better, but who wants to endure the issue of who gets the fifth one? we also got a shrimp cocktail (my dining companion is a big guy and likes a lot of food) six nice shrimp, not fishy, very serviceable. I ordered the bento combo of pork bulgogi, curtis had the ebi tempura. first we were served an excellent green salad (miso soup the other option). much better than the usual offering in a japanese lunch combo. i had asked my server if they had kimchee, and was served a large plate of fresh, crisp cabbage. it was a bit spicy for my taste, which is not a criticism, i'm just getting old and less adventurous. but it was really delicious. the bento box had a huge tangle of good tempura vegetables, two portions of a california roll (my companion ate mine, i was too full, he obviously liked it) two little fried gyoza (didnt eat them) a bowl of good rice, and a generous serving of meat. it was excellent. they also offer bulgogi ribs. curtis' box was the same except had a large portion of shrimp tempura etc.
all of the above, two glasses of wine, one soda, came to $42. I think the bentos were about eight bucks each.
have no idea how the sushi is, but i hope people will give the place a try. I really hope they're succesful.

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  1. We nearly tried Matsu last Saturday night. At the last minute I came across a few not so great reviews, so decided against it. Sounds like I should give it a shot?


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      my rec is based on a: its a pleasant place to dine b: the food was decent
      c: for lunch it was an excellent value. have no idea if it's worth the money at dinner, or for sushi. I don't think it will rock your world, but at lunch you could do much worse. and the ducks in the creek are really cute.

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        Highly recommeded! We eat sushi at least three times a month. I also travel to the Pacific NW for work quite a bit and explore sushi restaurants there. Matsu is our new favorite place in Murray. We moved to Murray a couple years ago and like to support local restaurants. Yamasaki is also really good and a cozy, family-owned sushi diner. However, we're going to Matsu tonight and it seems to be winning the vote the last few times we've gone for sushi. Give a shot!

      2. I think that space has been 5 different restaurants in as many years. I don't know why nobody can seem to make a go of it. Not having tried the food, I would be really surprised if they survived considering Greg Neville wasn't able to. It's like the bermuda triangle of restaurants despite the heavy drive-by traffic. Having lived in Holladay it's a shame there aren't more dining options in the area.