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Aug 13, 2008 04:13 PM

Kauai Wedding Dinner for 22 - Recommendations?

I'm posting this for a friend who is getting married in Kauai on September 28. She would like to have a dinner at a nice restaurant and has a couple of requirements beyond it being a nice setting:

1) Total cost <$1500

2) Ability for everyone to order from the menu.

Beyond that, she's open to suggestions. Anyone have any ideas or recommendations?


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  1. What part of the island? This is an important question.

    Plantation Gardens in Poipu would be a good bet. It is important to pick a place that is used to having large parties and they host a lot of wedding dinners there.

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    1. re: benjieats

      Is there a private dining room at PGs??? I don't really associate the restaurant with large parties...But I usually go to the bar or eat on the lanai next to the bar...

      And yes, what part of the island?

    2. Thanks for the responses - yes it's to be held in Poipu.

      She has looked a Plantation Gardens and loves it, BUT $2500 minimum - ouch!

      Other Poipu recommendations? Thanks again...

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        Aloha from Kauai! Have you tried Keoki's Paradise? I have had 25 people there who can order off the menu. It is the drinks that run up the bill. What some folks do is tell their guests they will pay for dinner and one drink. I hope that helps! Poipu is my favorite part of Kauai.