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Aug 13, 2008 03:56 PM


We're taking our daughter to JU next week. Staying at Hampton Inn at Deerwood Park.

Any good ideas for a nice dinner one night and a decent one another?
How about a good salad place for lunch nearby?


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  1. You should be near Southside Blvd so there is a place called Sangria House for tapas etc and a great dimsum (with carts) place near Tinseltown (a huge movie theatre) called Bamboo Creek - would work for Sunday lunch. Further north is Blue Buddha.

    If you head to the beach, on Beach Blvd is a new place call TacoLu that is great. Plus local owners - not a chain. Good salads are tougher to find. You have all the chains - Crispers, Panera, maybe a Loop. I don't know - not so exciting.

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      Thanks so much, Megan,
      Real dim sum is something we love!
      And you got it right--we are not looking for the chain places.


    2. We got pizza from AL's on Phillips Highway last sunday. The spinach was OK. The Everything was way too soggy.

      My sister and dad say that Pattaya Thai Grille on Baymeadows is really good.

      Both are sorta near Deerwood. Traffic is hell in Jax these days. Not like the glorious 70's when Lubies (sp?) was my poison.

      1. You're in luck if you like Hong Kong style dim sum. Bamboo Creek should be walking dustance away from your hotel. Sangria House is worth the effort, and is close by - save room for a giant slab of tres leches for dessert. I'm serious - ask if they have it before youm order - its just terrific.

        On your way to JU, check out a donut shop named "The Donut Shoppe" next to a Gate store on University Blvd. north - on the right about a mile before you get to JU. You have to hit it in the AM, but its amazingly good. Ask them if they have any "uglies" available. Murder. I'm a JU guy - best of luck to your daughter. JU is a hidden gem.

        1. I actually thought of a place for great salads - and sandwiches too. It is off University on Powers Ave and it is called the French Pantry. They actually are a bread company but have a little dining room that gets packed. I am not sure their hours on the weekends and it is a little hard to find bc it is part of a warehouse but it is worth the line at the door. I remember having a great Thai salad. I haven't been there in a while but only bc I live kind of far. It is a perfect chowhound secret spot!

          1. Sangria House and French Pantry are both great. Make sure you have time to wait at FP, they usually take a while but it's worth it. I would skip Al's, it's mostly reheated frozen food.

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              We ended up at Bamboo Creek both nights and loved it, twice!
              Wed. and Thurs. nights were full of the storm (Fay) and the proximity of Bamboo Creek was a great help. The first night we got a bunch of dim sum. My favorites were the seafood dumplings and the sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves. The martini wasn't bad either.

              The next night we had potstickers, roast duck and stemed Mayport shrimp. All were very fresh and cooked perfectly.

              The servers were extrememly helpful and friendly.

              A big thumbs up!