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Aug 13, 2008 03:54 PM

Best R.I. Pizza Strips?

Taken for granted by Rhode Islanders yet unknown elsewhere, the humble pizza strip, R.I.'s own contribution to the pizza universe ought to stimulate the kind of fanaticism that the stars of Brooklyn, New Haven and the North End do.

I will mention Palmieri's off Broadway and Buono's on Hartford Ave. Where else?

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      1. re: sandylee

        DeLuise Bakery (corner of Chalkstone Ave and Mt Pleasant Ave) in Providence. Delicious!

        (Stay away from LaSalle Bakery... over-priced and not good).

      2. If that's Palmieri's 147 Ridge Street the strips are consistently great. As are the pepper & wine bisquets

        1. Palmaries on Killingly Street in Johnston.

          All the Palmaries are probably the same with different owners. There's also a "J Palmaries" on Plainfield Pike (Comstock) but I haven't been in there.