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Aug 13, 2008 03:31 PM

Cocktails Near Financial Dist SF

Any ideas for cocktails in a romantic atmosphere near the Montgomery St BART (+/- a couple of clocks?)
Thanks Chow hounds

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  1. Try the Pied Piper Bar in the Palace Hotel. It is on the south side of Market St. (at the corner of New Montgomery).

    1. What about the Carnelian Room View Lounge? Fairly quiet, great views of SF. The food is very average but it's good for cocktails...

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      1. The bar at Ducca Restaurant & Lounge in the Westin on 3rd Street. It's a beautiful space, and very convenient to Montgomery St. Bart.

        50 Third Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

        1. Ginger's Trois on Kearny.

          ok, sorry that's a different sort of romance than you probably mean.

          old-school - Sam's Grill
          new - Tunnel Top is sort of cool (but was far better when it was scary)

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          1. re: hill food

            True on Ginger's but we are open minded Bay Area types! Celebrate Diversity!

            Thanks everyone for the great ideas.

            1. re: DaveLaf

              diversity is great, but I always found Ginger's a little strange for all (well most) except the Bukowski meets the Burroughs crowd. that said, it's somehow gratifying there are such places whether I ever actually go in or not.

          2. bix makes a good drink but maybe a block or two far for you.
            tunnel top can really build a drink but it's cramped, loud and outrageous.
            pied piper at the palace is less frantic but the drinks are not inspired.
            the bar upstairs at epic roast house has a good mixologist.

            give epic (upstairs bar) a shot. it's not a chowhound favorite but the room is good, the views are good and the barkeep knows booze.