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Aug 13, 2008 03:17 PM

Fine French or Fine Italian--need advice based on recent experiences

I am going out this Saturday night for my birthday.
I used to love Thuet's cooking at Centro's years ago.
I ate Thuet's when it first opened and it was a good experience.
That was a few years ago before it went bistro.

Is is still as good?
With my two kids, I don't get to eat out pleasantly so I really, really need a nice dinner.
Our usual fall reliable choice is Auberge or Canoe or the other Bonaccini on Front St.

I would also consider one of the Bonaccini places as they tend to be reliable for dinner out and decent wine list.

I also like fine Italian but in recent years that doesn't seem easy to find reliably where the cuisine is as good as the pricing.

My desperate tastebuds are counting on your help :)

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  1. For a nice Italian meal I have really enjoyed Noce, and on these boards been convinced to check out Zucca, but haven't been yet...

    1. 2 Children, might not eat much, might not appreciate it --- time for a double whammy --- separate Adult meal Sat. & Children's choice Sun. ( again & again )--- I know how difficult it is to expand the palate of children, you'll pay and they eat little === work on this and work together with them for Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year's, at least it gives uou time for future Chess moves!!!

      1. We booked a sitter, otherwise, my 1.5 year old daughter ends up in the kitchen snuggling with the chef or doing yoga poses on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant. This is what happened tonight at Ciccio Sandwiccio where thankfully the owner and the patrons tolerate our shenanigans weekly and we can get some decent pasta gulped down in between taking turns running after the tot. My 5 year old dines beautifully and has good taste. She'd love to come, but not a chance this time.. I needa night off. I'll check out Noce. Thanks.

        1. Mistura is upscale Italian with a solid and reliable reputation and a loyal following of admirers on this board.

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            I agree with Rabbit. Ate there for the first time last weekend and loved it. The buffala mozzarella/tomato app was wonderful (delicious yet simple) and the beet risotto (which I gather they're known for) was also tremendous and unlike any risotto I'd previously tried.

            Also, I know it doesn't often get mentioned on this board, but I've never been disappointed by North 44 (though I haven't been in the last year).