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What happened to watermelon with seeds???

Look, I know the seeds are a hassle, especially if you are dining with royalty and don't want to make a terrible 1st impression.....but I can't find traditional watermelon anymore...

And is it just me, but I find that the seedless variety is lacking in taste- the color of the fruit seems lighter and the flesh is just watery....bleh, why must we mess with nature!!!

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  1. I agree, even my farmer's market has more seedless than seeded watermelons available. I liked the seeds in watermelon, it was an excuse to sit on the front steps and spit seeds. And, the watermelon had a lot more taste.

    1. Pauli -

      I am SOOOOOO with you one this. I did have a decent seedless one this year, but it seems the good ones are so much fewer and far between. The regular ones with the black seeds seemed to regularly be crisper, crunchier, and just better all around. - Nothing worse than a mushy watermelon if you ask me.

      1. i agree! and i can't even remember the last time i ate watermelon w/seeds. i used to eat this all through the summer -- now the flavor is so lacking, i'll only pick up one or two during the whole season. i wish the old watermelon would return!

        1. It's true that seedless varieties are blander. And it's a shame I can't even find seeded varieties at farmer's markets.

          1. Just buy yellow watermelons. All of those are seeded.

            1. We bought a watermelon with seeds last week, but, alas, it was not the good-old variety of years ago. The black seeds were smaller, and the flesh was not crisp. Also, the rind didn't have those clear green and white stripes. I guess that should have been a tip-off that this melon was not the classic seeded variety. I will keep my eyes open. They are hard to fine.

              1. I too agree that the seedless kind aren't as tasty.


                1. Well, guess what: according to a study:

                  "Currently, we are seeing consumer preference shifting to seedless watermelons ..."

                  In other words, it's us ( a.k.a. "by popular demand" ) !


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                  1. re: RicRios

                    As always, market dictates availability.

                    I have been complaining for the last few weeks that no one has been selling watermelons with seeds at our local market. It seems people would rather eat bad watermelon than deal with the seeds. I finally found one vendor selling seeded watermelon, and we commiserated about the fact that only seedless watermelon sells.

                    In my experience, watermelons with seeds are tastier and have a much crisper texture than seedless watermelon. I love it when they are frosty and really cold!

                    As consumers, we have to continue to be vocal about the quality of of food, and support those who sell quality products. I can no longer find regular corn in the market either. All of it is crazy sweet and lacks corn flavour. I found Asian corn candy that has more corn flavour than the cobs we can purchase. But sweet corn is what sells. Again, market dictates availability. When we asked one of the vendors if they sold less sweet corn, they shrugged and said we should buy the corn they feed to chickens...

                  2. Alas, soon watermelon will be right up there with Tomatoes. Sure, you can get them any time of year, but will they be any good? Not likely

                    1. At most grocery stores around here you can get either/or. It is the more upscale stores that have given up on the seeded kind, such as whole foods, but if you go to a local store, or a more ethnic store you can get your good old seeded large watermelon for less than the small seedless kind. I lucked out and got some home grown watermelons from a cousin. Best ever!