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Aug 13, 2008 02:45 PM

Baked Salmon Oven Temp? Help Please!

Hello, I haven't made baked salmon in ages, and can't remember how long I used to cook it. Electric oven, and I think I did it for 400 degrees roasting rack height (middlish of oven), for 15-20 minutes uncovered. Does that sound right? The salmon is about 1" high, and I had the skin taken off of it. Was just going to put some lemons on it, fresh ginger, and sprigs of rosemary, and a bit of olive oil, salt, pepper. Thanks for the help!

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  1. That's the temp I use, I like the higher temp to firm it up...salmon is one fish I prefer more on the well-cooked side. Plenty of natural oils to keep if from drying out.

    1. That sounds pretty good to me-- I'm sure I don't do it exactly the same any two times in a row. I just "look at it" to decide if it's done. But that's about the time and temp I typically try.

      1. It depends on what kind of salmon. But usually preheat to 350 degrees and 10 minutes per inch of thickness.

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          Thank you so much for the speedy suppllies, you guys are great, I just got it all prepped in the pan and ready to go. Will report back, so there will be a basic guide out there for other salmon dummies! I put slivers of fresh ginger on it, kosher salt, pepper, squeezed a lemon on it, and drizzled with a small amount of olive oil and put 1 big spring rosemary underneath it, and 3 springs on top of it. Put it into Le Creuset Ceramic baking dish (not the cast iron baking dish), and no cover, toward lower shelf in oven (same shelf I use to bake chicken)..........Salmon is Farmed from Canada bought at fish market, not Trader Joes unfrozen or anything like that. The wild salmon here is $15 a lb, the farmed from Canada is $9 a lb. Anyway, it looks nice, even though it's supposed to be loaded with mercury, right??

          How is the Costco farmed salmon that they have in the refrig section, is it comparable to the one at the fish market, because it was basically same price per lb, about $8-9

          Thanks again! Will let you know how it turned out.

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            What kind of salmon do you have? Chinook? Coho? Sockeye?

            Most of the farmed salmon at Costco is, I believe, Atlantic. It's ok, the best part of the Costco salmon is that it is generally pretty fresh because of the high turnover rate.

            Enjoy your meal. I love salmon.

            1. re: ipsedixit

              Not sure what kind of salmon I have, but it's not the Coho, because I've seen that at Trader Joe's and it's sort of funky looking, It's not the sockeye because I think that's the really dark red thinner looking one??
              It looks like your basic farmed salmon, picture perfect looking, which is probably not a good thing, right?

              Anyway, the cooking time turned out to be 25 min at 400 degrees. At 15 min it was very mushy still on top and looked sushi like still towards the top, at 20 Min it had firmed up, but was still a little liquidy looking, at 25 min it had firmed up, liquid had absorbed, butter knife went in and it had tension.

              It was very delicious, and cooked the way I like, cut like butter but had firm consistency. My question is this though, how come the thicker part always taste great, but the thinner portion with more zigzags always taste kinda fishy and funky? It doesn't matter where I've bought salmon, it's always like this. The only time I haven't encountered it is in good restaurants, that only seem to serve the thicker cut of the filet.

              Thanks for the feedback.

              1. re: janie

                I think the rule of thumb is 425, 10 min per inch of fish. Also, try tucking under the end where it gets thin. Let us know how that works, for next time!

                1. re: janie


                  Sounds like you had Atlantic salmon, which is very common in Canada.

                  As to why the thinner portion tastes different, it's because it's higher in fat and has a less proportionate amount of flesh, or meat.