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Jul 1, 2003 11:44 AM

Great breakfast in Orange County?

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Looking for a great breakfast place in Orange County for this Saturday. The future in-laws are coming to town and we want to take them to breakfast before we start checking out rehearsal dinner places for the wedding. We live in Irvine and will be looking at restaurants for a rehearsal dinner from Newport Beach to Dana Point, so anywhere in between is good. It just has to be very tasty! My fiance and I are not big breakfast eaters so we really have no idea where to take his parents. Any suggestions are welcome. THANK YOU!!! By the way, we are doing a brunch buffet on Sunday, so just a regular breakfast will work for Saturday.

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  1. We have eaten at the Cottage many times and it has never failed to leave us satisfied after breakfast there.


    1. Ted's, SW C/O Aliso Creek and La Paz, Laguna Niguel, has many interesting breakfasts.
      It's a fast-food, hole-in-the-wall, diner kind of place, very popular with locals; cheap, quick, hardy and good.
      There's even patio dining.
      Mimi's is across the street (NE).

      The Cottage is great, but often becomes quite busy.

      1. I think the best breakfast is at the Ramos House Cafe in SJC. Might have to wait, but the setting is great (old Los Rios, near the Mission) and food wonderful.

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          May I enthusiastically join you in this recommendation?

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            The Ramos house is amazing. The food is inspired, the location is charming and they have blankets for you if the weather is chilly. The prices are a little high, so I just wanted to set expectations. Definitely worth a visit.

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              There is nothing in OC that can even touch the Ramos House for a very special breakfast or brunch!!

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                I know it's too late for the OP, but be aware that Ramos House serves ONLY a $35 brunch on the weekends. My wife and I went down there on a Saturday recently, looking for a light lunch (I was hungry for some of their delicious mac n cheese). We were seated and handed a menu with one price. Since we didn't want a $70 lunch that day, we went elsewhere. We'll go back during the week sometime.

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            torta basilica

            Pinot Provence in the Westin across from south Coast Plaza evidentally has a scrumptuous breakfast - just read about it in our local rag, 714 I think. They did an article on all the great local breakfast places a month ago, but I've thrown mine out. Trying to get there, but won't beat you to it. All is a la carte & sounded fab. BTW, where are you brunching? My fav in OC is at the Sutton Place Hotel on MacArthur in Newport - incredible selection of seafood, sushi, carpacchio, braesola, cheeses, etc etc & an excellent champagne to accompany -just don't go on holidays like Easter or Mother's Day - a bit of a zoo then! Have fun!

            1. The Cafe that is at the boat ramp location off of Jamboree next to the Hyatt Newporter serves a wonderful breakfast in a neat spot. Forgot the name but just ate there recently. To get there drive into the campground and then make a quick right, they comp you 4 hours parking at the guardhouse, open early like seven a.m. Overlooking the back bay, indoor and outdoor seating. Fresh oj, great omelettes, homemade corned beef hash. They always have a large tent set up for receptions also. Might be an option for a catered event?

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