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Aug 13, 2008 02:07 PM

Pizza in Boston like Baba Louie?

I had an absolutely fantastic pizza last night at this restaurant in Great Barrington, MA. For those who have not had the pleasure, it is a sourdough thin crust pizza made in a wood-fired oven. Anything similar or -- dare I hope -- better in the Boston area?

Of the usual suspects, I'd say Upper Crust is much greasier. Bertucci's is close, but BL seems to use higher quality ingredients.

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  1. Nobody has any recommendations for wood-fired, thin crust pizza in Boston?

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      Antico Forno on Salem St. in North End is excellent; There is an italian restaurant in Cambridge that I've only been once an the name is escaping me; however they use imported buffala mozzerella on their margharita which is quite authentic... and I actually had a good pizza sitting at the bar of ristorante Toscano on Charles St with a very nice atmosphere. I also enjoy the pizza at Artu in the North End... I particularly like their potato, proscuito, gorgonzola... the salty gooeyness with a cold beer is very nice...... I just remembered the cambridge spot..... gran gusto....very authentic neopolitan pizza.

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        Antico Forno has good pies, but be sure to order them well done.

        And yeah, Gran Gusto is pretty damn good.

    2. out this way, Franca's in waltham, (across from the waltham stop on the commuter rail)
      has one of the few actual wood fired oven around. make a pretty good pie.

      1. Thanks guys. I know Antico Forno from way back, but never had their pie. It will be worth it to go back for pizza. I'll keep the others in mind also -- Gran Gusto has some great reviews on Yelp.

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          Yelp's for Hounds that haven't been whelped yet!


        2. On the recommendation of the Chow New England board, my husband and I left Somerville in time to make it to Baba Louie's prior to their 3 pm end of lunch, and before our concert at Tanglewood. Note that we planned our departure time around the food, not the show. What a brilliant recommendation! We had the special pizza of the day which we ordered at 2:55 as we were standing by the front door waiting for our table to be cleared. It was artichoke hearts, mozzerella, chicken sausage, sun dried tomatoes, pesto and a generous amount of flavorful EVOO. I really think this was the best pizza I've ever had, unfortunately including our trip to Italy. Let's hear it for the Berkshires & Baba Louie!

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            I think it was the best I've had, too. I actually drove through the area again this weekend on my way to Albany, but the timing did not work this time. I will be back, though!