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Aug 13, 2008 01:51 PM

Nice dinner in Brooklyn Heights for a crowd?

Any recommendations for a restaurant in the Heights that will take reservations and be able to handle a group of about 14-16 adults on a Friday night at around 8:00 pm? River Cafe is too pricey as well as too far; I'm looking for someplace a comfortable walking distance from Remsen St. as there will be some folks in their 70s. Smith St. is too far.

I'm thinking that The Queen might fit the bill but I haven't been there in several years so would welcome opinions on that. Or any places on Montague St. that might fit the bill? I'm not looking for super fancy - something between River Cafe and Teresa's!


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  1. queen is definitly a good option and seems to be very senior friendly.
    the food is also very good. atmosphere is a bit old school, but in a pleasant way.

    a few other options could be - cafe buon gusto on montague...not as good as queen, but also a much lower price point to reflect that. i would guess they could accomodate a big group, but you would be a large portion of the restaurant. also, im not sure about exactly where they'd fit such a large group, but jack the horse tavern could be worth calling as well as noodle pudding on henry.

    1. My vote would be for Noodle Pudding or Queen.

      Noodle Pudding will take a reservation for a group that large (I think) but they only take cash so hit up the ATM!

      Queen is fabulous for a group, still has great food, though obviously it's a less festive atmosphere than Noodle Pudding. Though, with older people the quieter room may be more desirable?


      1. has a nice garden and very reasonably priced French food. Based on google maps it seems to be about 3000 ft from Remson and the Promenade.

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          3,000 feet from the Promenade? Did you read the part in the OP about the 70 year olds?

        2. Thanks so much to all who have chimed in. Seems that my parents, who are hosting, think the food at Queen might be too heavy for the older folks at that time of night (honestly, they're not usually this picky!) So I've been asking around and another name that came up was Heights Cafe. The location is obviously perfect, and the menu is the kind of thing they're looking for. But I've never been, so if anyone with first-hand experience wants to chime in, please do!

          And I'll give Noodle Pudding a call and see if they'll take a res for such a large party.

          Thanks again!

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            We love Noodle Pudding and they have great food, but the food is Italian, and presents the same problem as The Queen, as you wrote about above. NP also has a linited menu.

            HC has a more varied menu, with lighter options like Salads, Burgers, Pasta, and Chicken.

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              Both are Italian and certainly have a number of heavy dishes but they both also have a number of perfectly light dishes. The salads are Noodle Pudding are delicious. As are the steaks. The antipasta platters at Queen are fantastic as are all the things they do with fresh vegetables.

              People go back to Noodle Pudding again and again. Queen is where my dad always wants to go when he's in town because we had such a great time there as a large family a few years back. I've never heard anyone get excited about Heights Cafe. :-/


              P.S. Noodle Pudding is a LOUD place. Based on what you've said about sound, I'd aim for Queen. Very moderated in its noise levels. :)

              1. re: bklynite

                I'm barely into my thirties and the food at Queen makes me worry about a heart attack. I do like it though. I usually order a single plate & tip well.

              2. I'm happy to report that we ended up at Heights Cafe and the dinner went off without a hitch. We arrived slightly early, were seated immediately and welcomed very warmly. The service was wonderful, the food was good and the atmosphere was just what we were looking for.

                Thanks again to all for the feedback!