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Aug 13, 2008 01:49 PM

Persian food in NYC?

Hey - where can I get the best Persian food in NYC? Manhattan is best, but I'm certainly interested in places in the outer boroughs, too.

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  1. For Outer Boroughs, you'll want to post on that board. I've liked Persepolis (sp?).

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      1407 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10021

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          Persian Grill
          1237 1st Ave
          At 67th St

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              I used to go to Ravagh all the time but had a very upsetting experience two nights ago, which has changed my mind. Previously, been overcharged and had poor service, but I still went back because I liked the food. However, my bf and I arrived at 6:15pm and were waiting for my sister to arrive. No one stopped by to give us a menu, until 6:25pm and at that point, the waitress proceeded to take out the early bird menu, which is valid until 6:30. We explained that we had been there waiting for 10 mins and it wasn't 6:30 yet. Whoa - attitude! She didn't care that we were loyal customers, claimed there was no manager on call and wouldn't honor the early bird menu. She told us to leave if we didn't like it. I told her how ridiculous it was that she was willing to lose 3 loyal diners and she said "go". No way to treat customers who were merely asking for something they were entitled to. I'd think twice before ever going there again. Ended up at Afghan Kebab on 2nd avenue - was delicious and service was great!

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                wow, that is extremely upsetting, wolverinegal. i would really encourage you to call the restaurant and speak with the manager and explain what happened. there was another thread at some point about grounds for restaurant divorce. i think this definitely constitutes one of them and i won't be trying this place after reading your post and rosewater's note about the food. i'm sorry for your experience.

        2. I will strongly second Persepolis. Also, the same owners just opened Shalizar in the same general neighborhood. I think Persepolis is beter, but Shalizar is pretty new so it will likely improve.

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            Shalizar - I keep seeing it but could not remember the name when I posted before. I'll have to give it a try. Do you think it's in the same price range or are they different in other ways? Hadn't realized it was the same owners.

          2. My favorite place for Iranian flavors is Moustache, which I believe has Iraqi owners. Delicious garlicky grilled chicken; chicken pizza dotted with zereshk (barberries? in english i think), scallion and sumac; saffrony rice pudding.

            I don't like the food at Ravagh--dried out kebabs, and overly oily unflavorful rice.
            I stopped going to Pars years ago because the service was awful. The appetizers were fantastic, the entrees so-so. Would love to hear that their service is better.
            Persepolis has fantastic chicken kebab.
            I've never been to Colbeh.

            1. as many others have said, persepolis is really very good. i think theres another place (dont remember the name) that supposedly has great kosher persion food. i think they have a location in great neck too..anyone ?

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                colbeh is kosher and i know they have more than one location. never been, so can't confirm their greatness.