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Aug 13, 2008 01:10 PM

Rumor? Fire & Ice to Palisades?

Anyone here anything about the Fire & Ice chain coming to the Palisades mall?

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  1. I looked at their website for fire and ice, it doesn't mention it. I remember hearing awhile ago about a market similar to Whole Foods coming to the mall, but it never seemed to materialize.

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      I was at the mall a few weeks ago and there were signs up for Fire & Ice. Its going where tututango was. The market was Zeytinia, and according to their website it isn't coming anymore.

      1. re: Jstern35

        How does Fire and Ice differ from the other place that's at the mall, Stir Crazy? The website makes them both seem so similar. Is is any good?

        1. re: michele cindy

          I have been to Fire and Ice in Cambridge and everything is so fresh and delicious. It's fun to try different things with different sauces. If you are a big eater like I am, three or four trips isn't too much out of reason. I have been to F & I at least four times, and have never had anything but good food. And for the price, it's like they are giving it away.

          1. re: jhopp217

            I'd say the exact opposite. The sauces are all too salty, the ingredient quality isn't always what it should be (stringy meats) and you spend the entire meal running around the restaurant assembling it or waiting to get it cooked. When I go out to eat I want to relax and enjoy a good meal, and Fire & Ice doesn't give you that in any way, shape or form.

            1. re: Chris VR

              Which Fire & Ice did you go to. The one I went to wasn't at all as you described. We were seated, we CHOSE the all you can eat buffet, we were given the bowls for the ingredients and the little one for the sauce.

              In the times I've been there the sauces are all different flavors and I've never found them to be too salty, as I hate things that opverly salted. Stringy meats? I have seen a piece or two that didn't look appetizing, so I pushed those to the side and took better looking pieces. Are you trying to tell me you've never been to the grocery store and seen items that look better than others?

              As for spending the entire time running around assembling and waiting for it to be cooked, this is ludicrous. If you walk into a restaurant and order a meal, you get what they give you, with the amounts the select and the desired portion of sauce they choose. Here you are in control + the amount of time from completing your choices to the time it is finished cooking is about 7-8 minutes. You're eating in 10. How is this troublesome?

              1. re: jhopp217

                I've only been to the one in Cambridge, and this is probably a discussion better suited to the Chains board since it's about the chain Fire & Ice and not about the local dining scene in Palisades.

                Here's a previous thread where Fire & Ice was discussed, I've added these posts on that thread and offered my answers there.

            2. re: jhopp217

              The cooking style description on the company's website sounds like a "Mongolian Grill" style similar to countless lunch all-in-one-location places in midtown manhattan where you get to pick out the raw ingredients including meats, seafood, vegetables, and pasta choices, and put them in a bowl. You then pick from a choice of sauces and a few other ingredients such as fresh garlic, seasonings, etc, and it gets stir fried and cooked on a big flat grill by cooks.

              In the city, you pay by the pound for what they cook. They love to add water to steam everything together despite requests not to. Im sure they know it will weigh more this way. Its not a big thrill in NY. I can't imagine going there for dinner... Just my opinion.

              1. re: frequentdiner

                At this place you fill your own bowl with the ingedients and then a small cup basically with the sauce. They throw the meat and veggies out ona flat grill and then splash the sauce on top, give it sa couple of flips to intergrate it with the items you chose and serve it almost immediately (2 minutes). It's fresh and delicious. and relatively inexpensive

      2. The Fire & Ice restaurant at Palisades has been open for a couple of weeks, and I finally got a chance to try it last night. I had high expectations, and the price seemed right ($14.95 for dinner).

        It was disappointing.

        They have different sections: one with noodles/veggies, one with meats, and one with sauces. They also have a small salad bar. The food was generally okay, but not great. The udon and egg noodles were severely overcooked. The pastas were better. Sauces were okay, but generally didn't have strong flavor. (I tried a tomato sauce, and the szechuan, which was supposed to be hot, but wasn't.) The best part of the meal was, believe it or not, the burger. (They have big blobs of chop meat so they can make burgers.) Very juicy on a nicely toasted bun, and they add cheese, lettuce, and tomato if you want.

        So, if the food was okay, why the disappointment?

        First of all, the bowls they give you for meats/noodles are SMALL. Real small. And they have signs clearly stating "ONE BOWL PER TRIP". You get to put your sauce separately in a micro micro bowl.

        The other thing is each round of food took at least ten minutes to cook. The restaurant was kind of busy, but not super full. The grill is enclosed by a round counter, where you line up with your food. But it was very confusing trying to find out where to line up. Sometimes I went to one end of the circle, and was told to go to the other side. The crowd had nothing to do with how long it took the food to cook, they just take ten minutes to cook it. Between selecting the food and having them cook it, each round of food took about 15 minutes to get. And again, because of those small bowls, the portions were small. (Although the burger was a decent size.)

        Drinks were served in tiny glasses (maybe 12 oz.) and refills were hard to come by.

        Finally, the place just seems too trendy/mall/yuppie/pretentious to me. It's a stir fry place, not Tavern on the Green. The decor and attitude just seemed to strike me as wanting to target a yuppie crowd. (Not my thing, unless I'm out for a special occasion.)

        There aren't a lot of stir-fry places in this area. I'm familiar with three: Khan's in Blauvelt (close to the mall), JP Lee's in Millburn, NJ, and Great China Buffet in Nanuet (which I used to like before "The Garlic Incident"). Khan's is good, but a bit expensive. (Maybe $17 or $18 for dinner). Great China Buffet was good, and dirt cheap, but I haven't been there since the garlic incident. JP Lee in Millburn is awesome. Around $12 for dinner, good food, and they cook each round of food in maybe 90 seconds. Of course, these places focus on Asian stir-fry and don't have pastas or American sauces like Fire & Ice. But their sauces are better and more flavorful. One plate or bowl at any of these places would probably hold 3-4 times the food of Fire & Ice's micro bowls.

        It took about 90 minutes to eat dinner, and the whole process was exhausting. The burger kept me from starving. Now I know why it's only $14.95. With all the nonsense, it's difficult to get your money's worth.

        Would I try the place again? Maybe, six months from now, on a Tuesday afternoon. But I'd much rather go to JP Lee's and be able to get twice the food, twice as good, in half the time. (But that burger was pretty darn good!)

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        1. re: zhelder

          I walked in to Fire and and Ice for the first time last night also at about 630, just to see it on the inside. It didnt impress me at all. I guess it's ok to take the family, and ok, if you have lots of time to kill, and patience, but I dont think i'll be going....

          Zhelder, you referred twice to it as a "yuppie" place....... I dont think so....... No self respecting, young, upwardly mobile, or urban professional I know will be calling that a regular dining place...

          PS - I wasnt impressed with the cleanliness of the place. Just my opinion

          1. re: frequentdiner

            Funny you should mention the cleanliness. I was at the mall today and stopped in to look at this place, since I'd read about them and checked out their website (also if you sign up on their website you can get a 25% discount coupon emailed to you).

            We were not at all happy to see raw poultry, burgers, fish just sitting there in bowls, it did not seem very sanitary. The veggie/pasta section was not at all appealing -- tiny pieces of veggies. Compared to Stir Crazy (which is also at the mall and which I don't know that most people realize does create-your-own stuff), it was very poor. Needless to say we did not eat there.

            If you have not been to Stir Crazy, you really should try it. You only get to make one trip, but you get a big bowl (wok) to put your veggies in and the cook has a slip which says which noodle/protein you are supposed to get. My kids have figured out how to stack the veggies in the bowl really high and end up with a huge plate of food. Personally, I prefer the stuff off the menu, which I think is really good.