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Aug 13, 2008 01:00 PM

Cottage country, near Dorset Recs Needed?

We are renting a cottage near Dorset and need to whats restaurants or food shops are there? Thanks for your help all

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  1. Just heading there myself. Here's an abbreviated version.

    Restos - the Fiery Grill in Dorset does decent Cajun, very credible gumbo, and they sell some packaged product. Great deck with live jazz on weekends, great place for a brew on the water and watching your kids jump off the bridge.

    Groceries. Robinson's Foodland is a nice old country store, but for food, it is not the freshest, nor is the selection particularly good. Much better at the Independent in Huntsville.

    Specialty: Butcher - try the store in Dwight. One of the best butchers in the north, with fantastic meat, and a selection of Black River cheeses.
    Bakery, Henrietta's in Dwight does great pies, cookies, and burg and dog rolls that set the standard.
    Organic, Farmer's Daughter in Huntsville on 60, nice selection of organic veg, cheeses, some prepared foods.
    Prepared, Butcher's Daughter, across the highway from Farmer's, great selection of prepared foods, sausages, cheeses, etc.

    Many places up there don't have decent well water. If you have a couple of containers to fill, the well at the ranger tower is one of the cleanest and best tasting in the area.

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      Thanks Snarf, Hope we both have good trips.

    2. I would recommend Three Guys and a Stove just outside of Huntsville. The menu is fairly eclectic and imaginative for cottage country. Enjoy your stay!