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Aug 13, 2008 12:31 PM

Cannon Beach, OR - need help!

My boyfriend and I are staying in Cannon Beach for his birthday weekend and want to have dinner somewhere fanstastic (food quality more important than view). We have previously only stayed at the Stephanie Inn (incredible food there, btw) but, because we're bringing our dog with us, we have a reservation at the Surfsand Resort. The Surfsand recommended their restaurant, The Wayfarer, but it looks a bit tourist-trappy to me. Thoughts on this?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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    1. We spent a weekend in CB earlier this summer...I think we might have even stayed at the Surf Sand...can't remember for sure.

      However, we had a most memorable dinner at the EVOO Cooking School ( The food was fantastic and prepared in front of you (like an Emeril cooking show) with wine perfectly paired. There was some audience participation and an educational aspect (how to pair wine, how to get eggs room temperature, why not to put oil in your skillet until its hot etc.) but mostly it was a wonderfully prepared dinner. Ingredients are organic and fresh, fresh, fresh!

      Months later, this is still the most memorable meal/eating experience I've had in a long time. I can't recommend it enough.

      1. Wayfarer is pricey, but good for a special meal. There are MANY other wonderful options in town. Visit "" for a great list of restaurants. Have fun! (By the way ... Cannon Beach is dog-friendly, many restaurants have outdoor seating to accommodate. Be sure to use a leash and scoop up, only the beach is off-leash.)

        1. My wife and I ate at the Wayfarer one time, and while the view is spectacular, the food is pretty mediocre. The one place that we have found to be consistently good though is right on the main street in town, and I believe the name is the Gower Street Bistro. Good food, well prepared at moderate prices.

          1. We spend a week in CB every year, and have found Gower St. to be consistently good for brunch or dinner--though the service is somewhat lacking. We like the Wayfarer for lunch (great fan fried oysters) but I don't think it would qualify as a special dinner. I haven't tried EVOO yet (but want to), but it looks lovely. We've also had dinner at Neumark's, on Hemlock about 1 block from the Surfsand--supposedly the best in town, and we have enjoyed it, but it's not always at 100%. If this were us, we'd probably go to Gower--friendly and great drinks make up for the somewhat slow service.

            BTW, there's a new place in town, on the North end, called Sweet Basil (or something like that--it's in Heather's Court) where we had a great lunch. All natural stuff, much organic. I had the crab roll (like a lobster roll only better) and husband had the cubano pork sand. Both sands were great, the tortilla chips on the side were a bit of an odd touch, but hey, the rest was great. No liquor yet (at least as of a month ago) but you can bring your own. A great addition to CB.