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Aug 13, 2008 12:16 PM

Freezing Peaches

I'm planning to freeze some peaches this year. My question is, do I have to use pectin or will lemon juice suffice to keep them from turning brown?

What I do for using the peaches fresh (right away) is to wash them, peel them, slice them, then toss them with sugar/splenda and some lemon juice. I let them macerate on the counter for an hour or so and they hold up fine, not turning brown. I'm wondering if this same method will work ok if I then freeze them.

Any advice is very much appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Pectin is only used to thicken jams or jellies, not for freezing fresh fruit; it is not used to prevent browning. No harm in freezing your peaches the way you prepare fresh peaches; the lemon juice should suffice to keep them from turning brown. (I think you may be confusing pectin with citric acid, which is often used instead of lemon juice to prevent browning.)

    1. Alton Brown had a great epsiode the other night on freezing peaches. I'm sure you can still find the episode listing on I'll have to call my mom and double check but she tosses all the ingredients for peach pie filling together then lines a pie dish with foil, plastic wrap, or wax paper(whatever you have on hand at home and will peel off frozen product easy) fill in the filling and freeze. When the product is frozen, you can wrap or store in a plastic bag. When you crave peach pie(or crumble in your pie plate), pull out and place into your dough lined pie plate and bake!

      1. I just froze peaches and I used a sprinkle of citric acid. I find it works better than lemon juice, but either is fine. I did not add sugar.

        1. Thanks, everyone, I think I'm on track now. You're right, janniecooks, I was confusing the function of pectin vs. citric acid.

          Whatev....those peaches will taste great when the snow flies!

          1. The Alton Brown recipe calls for smoked paprika. Does anyone remember the reason for this or if its necessary?


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              I would imagine smoked paprika is for flavor, like a dash of cinnamon.