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Aug 13, 2008 12:08 PM

Where can I buy kaffir lime leaves in Cleveland, Oh?

I just made Tom Yum Goong (Hot and Sour soup) yesterday could not find the kaffir lime leaves to put in it. Turned out good, non the less, but I would like to make it with the leaves. Thanks

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    1. re: mcgovern2000

      That's a good suggestion. I was recently in Park 2 Shop at 30th and Payne(?) in Asia Plaza(?). They'd be another good place to check. Together with Park 2 Shop and CAM, Tink Hall is one of the largest Asian markets in the area. A couple years ago it moved to 36th and Payne.

      Also consider Asia Food at 30th and St. Clair. The advantage of shopping there is their excellent prepared food. They sell roast meats, have a small steam table of prepared foods, a bakery case and a small menu of made-to-order Vietnamese and Chinese food. The made-to-order stuff I've is really all that I've eaten and I highly recommend it.

      CAM also has a small cafe. If you find your kaffir lime leaves there, I'd be very grateful for some information about the quality of the food at their cafe.

      I put a few of the Asian markets from Cleveland Ethnic Eats on a tagzania map and since then I've been adding more as I learn about them. That's all that I can really say about any of them.

    2. Narrin's Spices stand at the Westside Market

      1. That great little grocery right beside Minh Ahn on 5428 Detroit used to have the freshest ones around, but their supplier stopped getting them. Park 2 Shop has had them on and off, but I end up throwing away a good amount of them. CAM has definitely had them, but they are quite a jaunt for me. I didn't know about Narrin's. I will check there tomorrow!

        When you do track some down, buy extra. Lime leaves lose only a little smell and flavor after a couple months in the freezer. I usually wish I'd bought more! The same goes for curry leaves, although they are much easier to find around here.

        1. Hi, you can order them from

          If you sign up for their newsletter, they'll send you monthly emails when they have special flat rate $5 shipping for any amount you order, usually offered once a month. I have kaffir lime leaves in my freezer to use at my convenience.

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          1. re: CurryLover

            Second, followed their food map of Bangkok last month and it was amazing. We actually bought a tree off the internet a few years ado and it has produced (leaves no fruit) all year , jut bring it in for the winter. We live in Michigan.

            1. re: toro

              Where did you find your kaffir lime tree on the internet?? I live in Ohio. I bring my basil plant inside for the winter but it doesn't last too long.

              1. re: CurryLover

                There are many places on the internet, try or just google it. I bought mine at a vietnamese store in dallas, and when I moved, took it with me. It has survived 2 winters in Michigan, it is much more hardy than basil.

          2. There is a new shipment of lime leaves at Park to Shop after quite a few months of drought in Cleveland. Unfortunately, I had just ordered some from online.