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Aug 13, 2008 12:07 PM

Small wedding venue in Manhattan

I'm looking for a restaurant for a wedding, we will be travelling from Canada with about 15 of our closest frinds and family. I'm looking for a location that we can have to ourselves for a few hours, I'm hoping we could find a very intimate space and occupy all tables. We are not concerned at all with price, we are looking for food quality and atmosphere that will appeal to most (you can't please everyone) We are actually planning the wedding around the restaurant - we will select a date when we find "the one"

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  1. Ive been to one at Frank's on 10th avenue which was quite nice.
    Grand Havana Room is also great...Membership MAY be required, but cant be sure. The views are incredible and so is the space.

    There's also gascogne

    or F. ille Ponte

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      If you're talking about the Frank's in Chelsea Market, it's been closed for months.

    2. You'll want to look at restaurants that have small private rooms. Your party is too small to buy out most restaurants.

      Eleven Madison Park, Alto, Felidia, Le Bernardin (though the private room is kind of sterile), and Gramercy Tavern have private dining rooms that would be appropriate for your size group.

      1. We had our wedding a few years ago at the "21" Club. There was just 14 of us. There were many private rooms to choose from. Old world charm with great food and great service. We not only had our small reception there but also got married there. Good luck and congrads....

        21 Club
        21 West 52nd Street, New York, NY 10019

        1. Blue Hill in the village has a private room that I think would be perfect. The food is seasonal and delicious. We looked into having our rehearsal dinner here but alas, the room was not big enough for us (it seats 18-20, I believe). Congratulations!