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Aug 13, 2008 11:46 AM

PS7 For RW

I'm heading to PS7 tonight for RW. Has anyone been yet? Any can't miss items? This will be my first time having a full meal there, so I'm pretty excited.

Here is the menu for those who haven't seen it yet:

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    1. Elyssa, first full meal at PS7? I don't believe you!

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        First FULL meal at PS7. I've never done the whole 3 courses thing. I've certainly sampled their tuna sliders a number of times though :) (Among other things). I've only eaten in their lounge though.

      2. Some of my coworkers and I were there for lunch today. We had teriffic service especially since 2 of the party had to run out to a last minute meeting!!! Food was yummy-I had tuna sliders, scallops and fruit crisp. Others had melon soup, and Sara's salad as apps; beef short ribs and the turkey for entrees; dessert was a chocolate suffle (sp?). Mrwheatie and I will be going in a couple of weeks for extended RW dinner.

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          that's good to hear because my coworkers are going to have lunch there for the extended RW. (I can't lunch hours involve taking out my dog for the next few months). But, I'll let them know the reports are positive!

        2. On Weds I took my friend to dinner to celebrate her birthday (and of course RW). As I mentioned above, I have dined at PS7 a number of times but only in their lounge. I was really excited to try a 3-course meal and PS7 lived up to all of my expectations.
          We had a wonderful waitress named Lisette who started off by bringing us the much talked about bread basket (that bacon biscuit is evily addictive!) and taking our drink orders. I went with my usual, the champagne cocktail. But my friend tried their new drink, something along the lines of "102 Degrees in the Shade Lemonade." The waitress was interested in getting her feedback on the drink--she ended up giving it a 2 thumbs up.

          For my appetizer I got the black pepper and lemon gnocchi. While I didn't neccasarily taste much citrus (or black pepper for that matter) the gnocchi was soft and clearly homemade. Very tender and delicious. It was served with shredded duck and wilted greens in a warm broth. The whole dish was a perfect start---warm, comforting and filled with herbs and flavor. Considering gnocchi and duck are my 2 favorite foods, this was a home run for me.

          My friend got the melon soup which she really enjoyed. She was afraid it was going to be too creamy, but she said it was tasty and unique.

          For the entree we both had the cornmeal crusted rainbow trout. It was served on a bed of spinach and had a watermelon relish (the menu said cilantro as well but I really didn't get a strong cilantro taste). It was the perfect summer meal. Light and perfectly cooked. The portion was not small either. I was originally thinking about getting the shortrib and tenderloin but was happy I choose a lighter entree. The manager later told us that the trout dish was an adaptation left over from the chef's days at Vidalia.

          For dessert we shared the special, which was a coffee creme brulee and then we got the incredible beignets. The brulee was very nice. You could tell espresso beans were in the creme but it was smooth with just a shock of pure coffee flavor...very nice. The beignets were deeee-licious! Like tiny cloudy sugar donuts. If they actually served the brulee and beignets together on the menu I thought they could call it "coffee and donuts."

          After our meal, Curtis, the manager, came over and chatted with us for awhile. I thought this was a really nice touch.

          Overall this was a wonderful meal. They were able to avoid some of the common mistakes many restaurants make during RW and therefore I will certainly be returning in the future. I believe PS7 is on par with restaurants like Corduroy during RW--service that doesn't suffer because of a deal, the ability to handle the crowds and still pump out top notch food. I highly recommend PS7 for RW or any other occasion.