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Aug 13, 2008 11:17 AM

where to buy lard? [sea]

Hi all,
Where do you buy your non-hydrogenated lard in Seattle?


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  1. Sea Breeze at the Farmer's Markets, or just buy the leaf lard from any of the vendors selling it (Skagit River Ranch, Olsen's, Wooly Pigs, Sammish Bay Cheese... I'm sure there's a few others) and make it yourself.

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    1. re: jaydeflix

      I bought mine from wooley pigs (leaf lard that is) about 5 bucks for a big old chunk. Rendering is not hard - cut off any meat, chop into chunks and render in a pot on the stovetop until it's liquid and cracklins. make sure you stir frequently and keep flame low so it doesn't burn.

      let it cool a bit, then run through a strainer and pour the liquid into a pan heavily lined with plastic wrap. pop the pan in the fridge, take it out once it's become solid and you can easily cut it up into easy to use sticks. wrap them up in more plastic wrap and it freezes well.

      some people like to eat the leftover cracklin bits - I tried them and wasn't a fan.

    2. Are you looking for pre-rendered stuff?
      I've seen it a few mexican markets around here (down in Burien or South Park)

      I'd bet they'd have it at the ones in Seattle too though (i just have never bothered to look...)

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      1. re: GreenYoshi

        Guadalupe market in Burien has it, and it's delicious.

        Comes in a big unlabeled tub, it's on the right side of the store right by the taqueria. About 4 bucks IIRC.

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          I'm pretty sure Viet Wah carries lard.

      2. Beacon Hill Red Apple has had it in bulk in the past. I have not been there in a few months but I would assume they still have it.

        1. Thanks for the replies everyone! I'm not averse to rendering my own (although Mrs. Finspot has reservations about the smell permeating the house for days); the other factor is our blackberries want to be made into pie NOW so time is of the essence.